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A La Carte (December 22)


The Lord bless and keep you today.

Today’s Kindle deals include a few worthwhile books.

(Yesterday on the blog: 2022 Christian Reading Challenge – some typos snuck through to the poster yesterday but have now been corrected, I believe.)

2021: A Christian Music Review

Every year I link to Jeremy Howard’s review of the best Christian music of the year that was (even though I rarely agree with all of his picks!).

Do the Non-Elect Have a Chance to Repent?

“It’s hard to confirm exact numbers, but by educated guess I would safely assume that the most asked-about chapter in the Bible in our emails here at Ask Pastor John is Romans 9.” Here’s John Piper answering an important one.

The Good News Story

The Gospel is the air we breathe and need to breathe again and again. Whether you are just starting your journey of faith or have been traveling the road for years, discover how it all ties together in The Good News Story. Explore the Bible cover-to-cover to behold the grace, wonder, beauty, goodness, joy, and love of God in the person and work of Jesus! Watch and download this multi-video series and illustrated study guide for free at (Sponsored Link)

Ready to Try Scripture Writing?

Here’s an introduction to a devotional method that may appeal to you: Scripture writing. “Since 2018, I’ve been reading the Bible daily without fail, and I can give credit to one simple thing that has made this change possible. Scripture writing has utterly transformed my spiritual life (no exaggeration), my mornings, and my Bible time.”

Five Decisions Every Bible Translator Must Make

“A translation committee has thousands of decisions to make, many of which go beyond the most obvious one of deciding how to translate any given word or phrase. Here are five decisions that every translator has to decide—whether their readers know it or not.” Fascinating!

O Come Let Us Adore Him

This is a well-written and enjoyable article themed around Christmas.

Why Does God Make Us Wait?

It’s a good question, isn’t it? “I wondered why God promised Abraham a son without telling him the promise would be so long coming to fruition. Or why He had David anointed king so long before David came to the throne. Or why He told Adam and Eve about a coming Redeemer without letting them know He wasn’t coming for a few millennia. Or why we have no idea when His promised return will occur.”

Flashback: No Low Too Low

Why was it important to God’s purpose that Jesus be born so low? There are many things that God meant to teach us through the life of Jesus, and one of them is that exaltation comes through humiliation.

You have no right to carry on one shoulder that which is intended for two.

—Dewitt Talmage

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