A La Carte (December 24)

May the Lord be with you and bless you on this Christmas Eve.

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Know the Ideal Church. Commit to a Real Church.

Here are some practical steps for applying the doctrine of the church to real life.

A Real Christmas

“As a mother, I wanted to shield my children from the harder parts of the Christmas story in order to create memories untainted by ugly truths. So we focused on singing angels, wondering shepherds and a miraculous star. The familiar story reminds us all that one day goodness and beauty broke into history to show us the way home.”

The Good News Story

The Gospel is the air we breathe and need to breathe again and again. Whether you are just starting your journey of faith or have been traveling the road for years, discover how it all ties together in The Good News Story. Explore the Bible cover-to-cover to behold the grace, wonder, beauty, goodness, joy, and love of God in the person and work of Jesus! Watch and download this multi-video series and illustrated study guide for free at thegoodnewsstory.com. (Sponsored Link)

The 2021 Word of the Year – “Allyship”

“Dictionary.com has an annual tradition of naming a ‘word of the year,’ and this year’s winner is the term allyship.” Denny Burk explains why this is significant.

Stop Being Fearful; Start Being Joyful

“In the midst of the busyness of this season, it’s hard to find time to consider Christ. Isn’t it? Probably most of us have thought at one time or another that this time of year is so busy that we almost dread it. We’ve taken this special time of the year when we could consider Christ and we’ve made it so busy, so crazy, so frantic, that we don’t consider Him.”

There Will Be No Burden-Bearing if There Is No Burden-Sharing

Glenna Marshall explains something important in this article. “A friend from church called to check on me that Saturday. She knew I’d been having a particularly rough time, and when I expressed how poorly I was doing and how embarrassed I was to miss a service project when I look completely normal to anyone watching, my friend gently rebuked me…”

2022 Reading Challenge for Kids and Teens

Redeemed Reader has announced their annual reading challenge for kids and teens.

Flashback: Why We Know So Little About Jesus’ Birth

We know so little about Jesus’ birth. While it has been the subject of billions of dramatizations and endless speculations, the historian Luke gives it all of one sentence

The Christian’s armor will rust except it be furbished with the oil of prayer. —William Gurnall