A La Carte (December 28)

Today’s Kindle deals include lots of good selections for both books and commentaries. Enjoy!

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Westminster Books has a collection of devotionals on sale in case you’re looking for something new in 2019. They’ve also still got their ESVs on sale.

(Yesterday on the blog: My Top Blogs and Bloggers of 2018)

Count the Cost of Raising True Disciples

Melissa: “I want you to know something about training up children in the way they should go: it’s hard. It’s at the same time the greatest joy and a constant source of heartache. While you may see your child soaring spiritually, growing in the Lord every day, knowing Him more and loving Him more even while she becomes a woman in a culture that preaches every wrong thing at her all day long, you may also see that her circle of friends dwindles. That she searches and doesn’t find a like-minded soul to share her teenaged years with. You may look up and realize that your child is on the narrow path, and there isn’t a lot of foot traffic there, especially in junior high and high school.”

Good Grace from God With Us

Do you give yourself grace? “I appreciate the sentiment to give myself grace. It’s not entirely wrong. When I’m crushed under expectations or I completely fail my kids, when I forget something important or I’m not there for my husband, I beat myself up. I need grace. But I struggle to give myself grace. For a while, I blamed other’s expectations on me. I thought my husband expected too much, or my extended family didn’t help enough. Giving myself grace felt like disappointing people I loved.”

Top 10 YouTubes of 2018

Denny Burk posts what he considers to be the top 10 YouTubes of 2018. There are some pretty good ones in the collection.

Spiritual Disciplines for the New Year

Vance Christie has a word from the past about spiritual disciplines as we approach a new year. “As we approach the New Year it is beneficial to take stock of our lives and to tune up any areas that need it in order to promote our overall health, happiness and effectiveness. Our resolutions for the New Year should certainly include needed spiritual disciplines that will enable us be more faithful and fruitful in our service of the Lord Jesus.”

10 Critical Religious Liberty Cases Coming in 2019

“Although the new year is still a few days away, ADF is already preparing to defend a number of important legal challenges to freedom of religion. Here are ten cases coming in 2019 you should know about.”

The Art of the Sermon Introduction

There are lots of different ways to introduce a sermon, some more effective than others. This is a helpful reflection on good and not-so-good introductions.

The 10,000 Step Rule

It actually doesn’t surprise me to learn that the 10,000-step-per-day rule is basically completely arbitrary.

In 12 Minutes, Everything Went Wrong

This is a neat and effective presentation from the New York Times as they explain what went wrong with Lion Air flight 610.

Flashback: The Half-Trained Dog

We train ourselves for a while, but then grow weary when those last vestiges of the sin refuse to die, or when we realize that sin has much deeper and stronger roots than we had expected, or when we realize that we actually kind of like our sin. We end up half-trained, good enough Christians.

Life is too short, too precious, too painful to waste on worldly bubbles that burst. Heaven is too great, hell is too horrible, eternity is too long that we should putter around on the porch of eternity. —John Piper