A La Carte (December 4)

Today’s Kindle deals include a pretty good selection. December has gotten off to a great start!

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Logos users will want to check out the 12 Deals of Christmas. Be sure to consider the Pillar, NIGTC, and BST commentary sets at those discounts.

(Yesterday on the blog: Mind Your Christmas Imperatives)

John Chau Aced Missionary Boot Camp. Reality Proved a Harsher Test

The evaluations of John Chau continue to pour in, including this long read from the New York Times. (Slate also got in on the action.)

Overcoming Fear in Evangelism

“In evangelism, God has given us the message we need to share with unbelievers. The whole Bible tells the story of creation, mankind’s fall into sin, and the provision of a Savior through Jesus Christ. But the Scriptures do not only give the words necessary for unbelievers to know the content of the gospel. The Bible also gives the words necessary to encourage Christians to evangelize, especially when it comes to overcoming fears.”

5 Signs You Shouldn’t Buy A Used Car (Video)

I hate cars. I hate owning cars. I especially hate buying cars. “Buying a used car can be intimidating, because it’s difficult to know the history of a vehicle before you buy it, as well as the health of the engine and other vital components. There are, however, several key checks that can help you determine certain vehicles to avoid. This video will discuss the various signs, from the exhaust to the engine bay, that may notify you it’s best to avoid a vehicle if you’re not looking to take on additional work and repairs.”

End of Year Check-Up Questions For Christians

This may prove helpful. “One of the best times to take your spiritual temperature is at the end of the year as you reflect on what was. To help us do that, let’s look at a few questions.”

A Melinda Update – One Year Later (Video)

I was thankful to find this update on Melinda Penner’s health. “It’s been exactly one year since Melinda’s traumatic accident. Although her life has completely changed, she’s still having impact today. Please watch this video to see how.”

On Stuff and Stinginess

Jared Wilson: “How much will be enough? ‘Just a little more,’we think. But to chase ‘enough’ on earth is to, as Solomon says, ‘chase the wind.’ We can take some important cues from Solomon in this regard. As one of the most powerful and most prestigious kings in all of history, he had more than he could have ever dreamed.”

You Become What You Trust

Our idols don’t just settle for helping us break the second commandment, they permeate much deeper in our lives. The Psalms tell us that those who trust idols will become like them (Ps. 135:18). We may not turn into stone and wood, but eventually, the idols of our heart can chip away at significant areas in our spiritual lives.”

Flashback: Stopping An Affair Before It Begins

Affairs do not begin with sex. Falling into bed with a man who is not your husband or a woman who is not your wife is simply one step in a long chain of events, one decision in a long series of poor decisions.

Let us not receive reports suddenly of one another. In times of contention, many false reports are raised, and rashly believed. This is both the fruit and the fuel of contention. —Robert Traill