A La Carte (December 5)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Desiring the Approval of Others)

Don’t Downplay Your Suffering

One of the biggest mistakes believers can make when facing a tragedy is to minimize it. I think so many of us do it because we are lacking a robust theology of suffering. So, our first reaction to a tragedy is to try and explain it away. ‘Hey, it could be worse!’ ‘Everything will be okay.’ ‘This is just a season.’ Like a doctor slapping a smiley face sticker over a cancerous tumor, all some Christians know to do in the face of true calamity is to pave it over with platitudes.”

Routine Bible Reading Can Change Your Life

Why do so many Christians start with a strong commitment and yet lose their way when reading the Bible?” Trevin Wax discusses how reading the Bible through the year can change your life.

Children Abusing Children 

This is horrifying. “Children’s Mercy says they’re seeing a disturbing trend in child sexual assault cases. Children are abusing children.” The main reason? Pornography.

Is the Old Testament Still Relevant Today? (Video)

Michael Kruger answers this very important question in a short video.

The December Issue of  Themelios

A new issue of Themelios is available for free. It has 203 pages of editorials, articles, and book reviews.

Why it is Best for Christians to Celebrate Christmas

Stephen Kneale interacts a bit with my article from Monday. “We can charitably and graciously permit others to reach whatever conclusions they may about Christmas – without dismissing them as lesser Christians – whilst still advancing the case that, in our view, it is best to celebrate or not celebrate (as is your particular position).”

Will Christians Who Have Been Forgiven Answer for Their Sins in Judgment?

To be a Christian is to be forgiven. But will we still have to answer for our sins? Sinclair Ferguson answers at a recent Ligonier event.

Flashback: Sweet Promises of Blessing, Terrible Threats of Judgment

How do we, as adults, show honor to our parents? What are our continuing obligations? What about parents who are difficult, absent, abusive, or even dead? What are the limitations on this commandment?

We tend to use prayer as a last resort, but God wants it to be our first line of defense. We pray when there’s nothing else we can do, but God wants us to pray before we do anything at all. —Oswald Chambers