A La Carte (February 14)

Today’s Kindle deals include a big selection from Zondervan, many of them heavy on theology.

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(Yesterday on the blog: What’s Wrong with Christian Dating)

David Platt Is ready To Leave IMB

This article from CT explains why David Platt has decided to step down from his role at IMB.

The One Person Who Can’t Be Themselves in Our Culture

“In this age when everyone is allowed to be themselves to the fullest extent imaginable, there’s one person who constantly doesn’t get that opportunity…”

Repenting of Confirmation Bias Christianity

Jared Wilson: “The reason we fall into confirmation bias politically is not essentially a political problem. It is a human problem, which is to say, it is a sin problem — which is to say, it is a problem of self-interest and self-worship.”

How Overnight Shipping Works (Video)

Overnight shipping is an incredible feat of logistics. Here’s how it works.

80 Years Ago Today: The Conversion of John Stott

I guess it’s now 80 years ago yesterday. “I went to church, read my Bible, had high ideals, and tried to be good and do good. But all the time, often without realising it, I was holding Christ at arm’s length, and keeping him outside.”

Loving My Heroes

This is a powerful tribute for Valentine’s Day.

Flattery vs Encouragement

“There’s a fine line between words that flatter and words that encourage—so fine, in fact, that the words used might be identical.” So how do you tell the two apart?

Flashback: There Is No Cyberspace

The word “cyberspace” and the idea behind it make us believe that when we go online, we actually go somewhere.

When a little thing pushes your buttons, it says something big about the buttons inside you. —David Powlison