A La Carte (February 6)

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(Yesterday on the blog: New and Notable Books for February)

Two Pastors’ Advice on Pastoral Visits to the Grieving

Helpful! “Praise God for modern communication. A phone call is helpful and nice. But a voicemail will never replace pastoral visits, when you look someone in the eyes as they grieve. A thoughtful text is a poor replacement for touching someone’s shoulder or giving them a hug. Be present personally for the people God has entrusted to you. Do not overstay your welcome. But slow down and stop.”

How to Read the Book of Revelation

I enjoyed these thoughts on how to read Revelation well. “Whatever else Revelation is, it is a letter, written to particular people living at a particular time in a particular place. So although it is written for us as Scripture, it is not written to us. We therefore need to consider how John’s first audience would have understood it if we want to know how God wants to speak to us through it.”

The Life of a Sower: A Life of Faith

I at times ask myself what my problem is. My life has been characterized by consistent sowing, and yet little reaping. Am I doing something wrong? Now, there is a time to examine methodology, and we do take the time to do that. However, in reading Christ’s words recently I have come to a different conclusion: sowers don’t always get to reap.” I am very thankful for this article.

Countering the Cultural Cacophony

“The twenty-first century has largely abandoned being informed in favour of staying notified, we have rejected leafing through the pages of great minds in favour of scrolling through the curated scenes of one another’s lives, we have repudiated analysis in favour of rolling coverage, and we have become addicted to allowing the facts to play catch up with our conclusions. The ultimate outworking of this in terms of education, ethics, philosophy and creativity are difficult to quantify, but these phenomena undoubtedly point towards a downgrade, the purchasing of progress performance enhancers, with subtle regress as their side-effect.”

Before and After

I’m quite new to Anne Kennedy’s writing, but am benefiting from it a lot.

Stones in the River

This is a moving reflection on the Lord’s presence and faithfulness.

Which Condiments Need to be Refrigerated?

Do you know which condiments need to be refrigerated and which do not? I think I was wrong in about half of these…

Flashback: The Five Tests of False Doctrine

We must accept and hold fast to what is true, and we must deny and reject what is false. Likewise, the church must welcome those who teach sound doctrine and rebuke those who do not.

There are only two ways of dying. We can die in faith or we can die in our sins. —R.C. Sproul