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A La Carte (February 8)

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I thoroughly enjoyed my time at The Master’s University and The Master’s Seminary (and also Grace Community Church). It was good to be in CA but it’s also good to be back home!

Westminster Books has a nice little collection of deals for you.

(Yesterday on the blog: He Was a Kind Man)

Brock Purdy’s Faith and Family Are a Great Super Bowl Story

Randy Alcorn wants to make sure you don’t miss one of the neat stories at the Super Bowl.

Reflections on Hearing Jordan Peterson

Jonathan recently went to hear Jordan Peterson speak and came away with some interesting reflections.

Send Email Messages to Your Members in Seconds With Church Social

Perhaps the most popular feature of Church Social, an online software platform for churches, is our messaging tool, which makes it possible for members to send the entire church community an email in just a few seconds. You can even send messages to specific groups, such as Bible studies, committees, and teams. (Sponsored Link)

What Place Do Gospel Tracts Have in Evangelism Today?

Can gospel tracts still be helpful today? “Gospel tracts have a bad reputation, from the notorious Chick tracts to fake one-hundred-dollar bill tracts that surprise greedy souls with a five-step gospel presentation on the back. In fact, I assume most pastors of healthy churches avoid gospel tracts either because they don’t want to be associated with gimmicky evangelistic tactics or because they don’t think they’re helpful. So such tracts have no place in their bookstores or on their resource tables.”

3 Limits to Christian Liberty

“Just because we are free to do something in the Christian life does not mean we should. There are limits to Christian freedom.” Doug considers some of those limits.

Discover the Joy of Imperfect Creativity

“Hustle culture surrounds us. Every day, the world encourages women to turn our hobbies and creative endeavors into financial gain. Some may deem us untalented or believe we are wasting our skills if we don’t. But a woman who bakes is still a baker even if she never sells a single cookie. Someone who writes poetry is still a poet, even if she never publishes a poem. What makes us creative is not the world’s opinion of our art but the truth that we are all created beings.”

Christian: You Have Peace With God

Don’t ever lose the wonder of this: You have peace with God.

Flashback: Pornographic Detachment

The past couple of decades have seen an unprecedented rise in the use of pornography and an associated decline in the social stigma that accompanies it. Pornography has been downgraded from scandalous to humorous, from aberrant to mundane.

Suffering is common for all. However, persecution (which is a form of suffering) can be avoided. All you have to do is compromise.

—Voddie Baucham

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