A La Carte (February 8)

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My Son, Withhold Judgment

“One of the worst things you can do is drag your feet in doing right. If you see your sister being attacked, act. If you observe an old lady in a dangerous situation, engage. If grievous sin rears its ugly head in your life or in the lives of those you love, confront it directly with love and truth. But there is another truth to keep in your pocket along with the first. That is the need to withhold judgment in many cases. There will be a number of times in life where you’ll want to be quick to judge.”

Growing Old Graciously

Jared Wilson writes, “In all seriousness, though, I’ve thought a lot about my journey into and through middle-agedness, precipitated mainly by my transition out of the pastorate and into the pew and having pastored quite a few elderly saints before that transition. I’ve seen men and women grow old well. And I’ve seen some men and women grow old not so well. I do not want to be in the latter camp, and I’ve determined to begin thinking about it now, at the relatively young-old age of 42. I don’t want age to sneak up on me, because that’s how one grows grouchy, I suspect. I may not be able to grow old gracefully—seriously, every morning something new creaks and I am in danger of injury just from yawning—but I can certainly, by God’s grace, grow old graciously.”

Is Using Birth Control a Sin? (Video)

Dr. Kenneth Magnuson answers that question in Honest Answers.

Why You Desperately Need the Holy Spirit

“When is the last time you begged God for help? Whether it is understanding Scripture, or applying it to your life. Or whether it is a desire to kill a particular sin, or asking Him for an open door to share the Gospel, how often do you spend a little time begging Him for help?”

Having Genital Preferences Is Now ‘Transphobic’

This is a really interesting interview with Ryan T. Anderson who has just written a new book on transgenderism. He “talks about the ‘transgender moment,’ the difference between people with gender dysphoria and transgender activists, and how it’s now bigoted to prefer one set of genitalia over another.”

Will Sexual Propriety Make a Comeback?

It certainly seems that things are changing at a rapid pace. But as long as strangers want to have casual sex with one another, you won’t ever get rid of the problems. “If you’ve been following the trajectory of the #MeToo movement and listening to our society’s ongoing conversations about sexual harassment and assault, you may get a little dizzy from the back-and-forth over what constitutes proper behavior between the sexes. The allegations made against Aziz Ansari and recent articles in The New Yorker show just how complicated and open-to-misinterpretation signals and cues can be.”

The Benefits of Listening to the Elderly

Do you seek out the elderly? Do you listen to them? “Why might the Lord, in his grace, cause the aged to repeat themselves as they do? What is the Lord showing us through it? Rather than rolling our eyes or thinking ‘Here goes Grandma again,’ what can be gained from these times?”

Flashback: Capturing Weak Women

There are so many leaders who claim to be teaching truth when they are, in fact, teaching error. The healthy, growing Christian must learn to tell the difference.

Every evening I turn my worries over to God. He’s going to be up all night anyway. —Mary Crowley