A La Carte (February 9)


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Is Your Marriage a Picture of the Gospel? – I really enjoyed this one from Hershael York; he writes about the evangelistic opportunity of a good marriage.

Getting Medieval – “Medieval historians like myself can’t help wincing when the period that we study finds its way into modern political discourse.” Which is what President Obama did last week…

Life Inside a Bitcoin Mine – This is an interesting little video about life inside a secret Chinese Bitcoin mine.

Phlegons Among Us – Be content to be a Phlegon.

Why Google Glass Broke – If you are interested in technology, you may well enjoy this analysis of Google Glass.

Getting the Gospel Right – Steve Lawson interviews R.C. Sproul on the subject of the gospel.

Apollo Speeches – This is good for a Monday morning laugh.

No man can give at once the impressions that he himself is clever and that Jesus Christ is mighty to save. —James Denney