A La Carte (January 11)

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(Yesterday on the blog:  Deciphering the Covers of Christian Books)

Seduced By a Comfortable Life

“Most people would agree that living in places like Australia or the United States means having a pretty comfortable life. Most of us reading this are affluent compared to global averages, and have privileges that other people around the world only dream of. These are good gifts from God, given out of his kindness and grace, and we ought to thank him for them. But has it become too much of a good thing? Is it possible that some of us have become too comfortable?”

9 Marks Journal

There is a new issue of the 9 Marks Journal available for free download or reading online. It focuses on church discipline.

Moody Bible President and COO Both Resign, Provost Retires

This is very significant news from Moody Bible Institute. “Amid ‘widespread concerns over the direction’ of Moody Bible Institute (MBI), the historic Chicago school announced today that President J. Paul Nyquist and Chief Operating Officer Steve Mogck have resigned, while Provost Junias Venugopal has retired.”

Why the Male Black Widow is a Real Home Wrecker (Video)

“Sure, the female black widow has a terrible reputation. But who’s the real victim here? Her male counterpart is a total jerk — and might just be getting what he deserves.”

Hudson Taylor’s Remarkable Christian Conversion

“Hudson Taylor was the eminent nineteenth century pioneer missionary to inland China. The story of Hudson’s Christian conversion through the prayerful influence of his mother is somewhat well known and quite extraordinary. But that is only part of the story in a broader series of events that comprised God’s gracious and remarkable workings to draw Hudson Taylor to Jesus Christ as his Savior. Here’s the rest of the true story…”

Logan Paul and Our Embrace of Two Minutes Hate

“Logan Paul deserves to be criticized, but not destroyed. And not used to help us feel superior. At the end of it all, that’s what most of it is about. If we join the crowd in destroying another person, we feel as if we know there’s someone else we’re better than. Our two minutes of social media hate are really about proving to ourselves that we have value by dismissing the value of someone else. But our worth will not increase one bit by attempting to ignore the inherent humanity in someone else. We only serve to decrease society’s recognition of it as a whole, including our own lives.”

John MacArthur on the Irreducible Elements of the Gospel (Video)

“The preacher is left with one option when it comes to faithful gospel proclamation—and it’s not an elusive option reserved for scholars. Paul expected his audience to be able to clearly differentiate between the one true gospel and all the other pretenders. It is an expectation implicitly placed upon all believers. With that in mind, we recently asked John MacArthur to identify and explain the essential truths of saving faith—the irreducible elements of the gospel.”

 Flashback: Teaching Our Children to Pray

By encouraging our children to pray, we are teaching them the language, the practice, and the importance of prayer.

A heart full of thoughts about the splendor of who God is and what God does can no more conceive of an end of praise than it can conceive of an end of God. —Sam Storms