A La Carte (January 12)


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Should We Leave Our Children Inheritances? – Thanks to Randy Alcorn for addressing this question.

R.C. Sproul on Mark – Logos users will want to grab R.C. Sproul’s commentary on Mark while it is free.

When the Sin of Sloth Sneaks Up on You – “One day I woke up and realized that I was stressed out about the chaotic state of my life.  There was no relaxation, EVER.  But, it wasn’t because I never sat around.  It was because I was sitting around too much.  I was avoiding what I didn’t want to do, and it was making me miserable.”

The Strange Life of ‘Lord’ Timothy Dexter – This is an interesting little bit of history.

The View from the Ash Heap – Scholar Daniel Block reflects on sitting at his grandson’s side while he endures cancer treatments.

Which Promises Are for Me? – Jen Wilkin helps you understand which of the Bible’s promises are for you (and what may not be).

A Mother’s Brain – Here’s what happens to a woman’s brain when she becomes a mother. “From joy and attachment to anxiety and protectiveness, mothering behavior begins with biochemical reactions.”

The weakest faith gets the same strong Christ as does the strongest faith. —Sinclair Ferguson