A La Carte (January 15)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Headlines and Happening, a roundup of some of the things Christians were talking about in the week that was.)

Is God a Good Father?

“Is God a good father? Can it be true? Can we allow our hearts for one solitary moment to bask in this kind of optimism? The answer is either yes or we simply have to reject the whole of the New Testament. That means it is all a lie, or it it means the entire thing is true. If the God of the Bible exists then his love as father is more amazing then we can conceive. It is better than anything our hearts ever hoped for.”

How Divorce Went From a Devastating Life Event to a Cause for Celebration

This article wants you to believe divorce is often a good thing. Behind that false conclusion, however, is an interesting history of divorce. “Splitsville is no longer a shanty town full of bitter exes, crippled finances and broken hearts. While the breakup of a marriage is rarely easy, the big ‘D’ has changed significantly over the decades. In the span of a lifetime, it’s gone from being highly taboo to more American than apple pie; from the inspiration for a decade of angsty grunge anthems to introducing terms like ‘conscious uncoupling’ and ‘divorce-moons’ into our break-up lexicon. Today, we’re witnessing the rise of the ‘happy divorce.'”

Are Some Sins Worse Than Others?

This is a very common question and one that is often misunderstood. “‘Jesus talked more about self-righteousness than sexual sin; and, he said that self-righteousness was worse sexual sin.’ This response lends support to the idea that some sins are more heinous than others. However, it has sadly become the most common way in which many pastors have recently sought to downplay the severity of sexual sin. Contrary to the current narrative, the Scriptures, the Reformed Confessions and principles of nature teach us that some sins are more reprehensible than others.”

Real Life Minecraft Log Cabin in the Forest

You may enjoy watching this timelapse video of a complete log cabin build by one man alone in the wilderness of Canada, from the first cut to the finished product.

I Was Denied Service Because of the Company’s Values, and I’m OK With That

Melissa Mayer says, “This week, I was denied a service because the company’s values are at odds with the values that Alliance Defending Freedom stands for—values I personally hold. And guess what? I’m okay with that. Allow me to explain.” Read her explanation; it matters.

We Have Lost the Presumption of Innocence

Christie Blatchford covers a lot of trials and crime stories for the National Post and she is very concerned with a new trend. “This is where we are now. An execution, then no trial. Just an execution. You can forget about process, due or otherwise.”

Facebook’s Startling New Ambition is to Shrink

“Over the next year, we’ll start spending less time on Facebook. Those of us who used it to catch up on the news will find less of it to read. We’ll watch fewer videos, and we’ll see fewer advertisements. In theory, Facebook will make less money off us — or, at least, the rate at which it makes more and more money off us will slow.” I, for one, am very interested to see how this works out for Facebook and its users.

Flashback: A Theological Toolbox

Every pastor, and I suppose every Christian as well, has a kind of theological toolbox, a means of dealing with the questions and concerns that appear throughout life.

We cannot too much cultivate that spirit of love which disposes us to believe and hope the best we can of others. — John Newton