A La Carte (January 16)

Today’s Kindle deals include a few books that span a bunch of genres. Logos users will want to check out the deal on the excellent Preaching the Word commentaries.

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(Yesterday on the blog: (The Easiest Sin to Justify)

One Simple Thought On MLK Day

Kevin DeYoung offers just one key thought on MLK Day: “Just one thought, and it is this: every human being—regardless of color, nationality, economic status, or intellect—has been created in the image of God and should be treated with dignity and respect.”

Facebook is Done With Quality Journalism

I’m just fascinated to see how Facebook’s promised changes will play out. “For Facebook, journalism has been a pain in the neck from day one. Now, bogged down with the insoluble problems of fake news and bad PR, it’s clear that Facebook will gradually pull the plug on news. Publishers should stop whining and move on.”

12 Ideas You Must Embrace to Affirm Theistic Evolution (Video)

“Theistic evolution is a viewpoint that God created matter and after that, God didn’t guide, intervene, or act directly to cause any empirically detectable change in the natural behavior of matter until all living things had evolved by purely natural processes. But, what that belief implies is that there are actually twelve details in Genesis 1-3 that simply didn’t happen.”

Preparing for Winter

Carl Trueman offers some quality analysis of our times. “For Christian educational institutions, the way ahead may be very hard. It will not simply be a matter of budgeting without federal loans. It could easily become a matter of budgeting without not-for-profit status. That double whammy is likely to annihilate many of those institutions which refuse to accommodate themselves to the dominant sexual culture. And that means that educators may need to look to new models of pursuing their callings.”

4 Reasons Why God Isn’t Answering Your Prayers

“God answers every prayer — but he often says ‘no.’ Why does God sometimes not answer your prayers the way you want him to?” We have all wondered this at times, no?

Why Not Just Teach Them French?

“The Gospel came to Cameroon over 100 years ago, and now there are thousands of churches. But most of these churches are conducted in French (or English for that part of Cameroon). And what many people are hearing there is not the salvation of Jesus, but instead incomprehensible words in a foreign language.” So why not just teach everyone French? The answer is really important.

When Was Acts Written?

Darrell Bock runs through many options and arrives at a satisfying answer.

Flashback: Aging Gracefully

Every day, we are all building the house we will live in when old age comes. Some of us are building a beautiful palace. Some are building a dark prison.

We must not allow our emotions to hold sway over our minds. Rather, we must seek to let the truth of God rule our minds. Our emotions must become subservient to the truth. —Jerry Bridges