A La Carte (January 20)


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Alone Yet Not Alone – WORLD: “Mainstream media outlets erupted in confusion and indignation Thursday over a surprise Oscar nomination for Best Song. “Alone Yet Not Alone,” the theme song for an independent Christian film of the same name, edged out a long list of songs by mainstream artists…”

Slavery and the Old Testament Law – “There is a scene in The West Wing where President Jed Bartlett fires off round after round of ridicule as he pretends to apply Old Testament laws to his life. Should he put to death his staffer for working on the Sabbath, or get the police to take over? Should footballers wear gloves to avoid touching the pigskin ball? What price could he get if he sold his daughter as a slave?” How would you answer?

What the NSA Can Do – Here’s a running list of what we know the NSA can do. So far.

Normal Prayer, Normal Life – George Grant says, “Prayer is the most common Christian expression of authentic faith; but it may be among the least practiced Christian disciplines.”

A Short History of Student Missions – This is well worth watching.

How much better to worship the God who carries us than the god who must be carried. —Richard Owen Roberts