A La Carte (January 22)

Grace and peace to you today, my friends.

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The Cure for the Prophetic Pandemic

This blogger is extremely concerned about some recent failed prophecies. “I say that this is a prophetic reckoning because literally dozens of prophetic words surrounding this historical moment were recorded and made available to the masses for spiritual consumption. It was a prophetic pandemic, and it has sickened the church. There is no shortage of these proclamations, and none of them were correct. None.”

How Would Paul Use a Church Directory?

I’m not sure they had church directories in Paul’s day. But if they did, here’s how he might have used one.

AGTV: For the Whole Family

AGTV offers programming that is suitable for the whole family. At AGTV you have unlimited access to films and documentaries like American Gospel, Luther, Calvinist, Christianity Explored, and Epic. (Sponsored)

I Didn’t Come Here For the Other Foreigners

“‘I didn’t come here for the other foreigners.’ I’ve said it. I’ve felt it. I’ve heard it said by others. It’s the kind of statement a cross-cultural missionary can say with a deep inner sense of fiery rightness. Yes, we did ultimately come here for the lost locals, and not for the other missionaries. Or did we?”

Returning to God After a Time of Sin

There’s no good reason not to return to so good and gracious a God.

Why Church Members Should Read Church History

There are lots of ways to answer this question, but here’s at least one…

An Open Letter to a Distressed Sufferer

Those who are suffering right now will do well to read this open letter.

Flashback: 8 Ways to Grow in the Fear of God

…the individual who absorbs the most Scripture, spiritually assimilating it into his heart, life, and very being, is the one who will know most of the fear of God.

If a man teach uprightly and walk crookedly, more will fall down in the night of his life than he built in the day of his doctrine. —John Owen