A La Carte (January 23)

Today’s Kindle deals include a random assortment of books. Westminster Books has the ultra-helpful The Case for Life more than half off.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Seven Thoughts on the Billy Graham / Mike Pence Rule)

The Humble Leader

“Leadership is often very humbling, and leadership is most dangerous when it ceases to be.” It is good and wise for every leader to consider the importance of humility.

Disabled by Design

“Take a step back for a moment and imagine that you were born without arms. You have to do everyday tasks with your feet. You write with your feet. You eat with your feet. You put gas in your car by lying down on the ground to lift the nozzle with your feet. You pay for a gallon of milk at the grocery store by carrying it to the checkout line with your teeth and then taking your debit card out of your shoe and swiping it through the credit card machine with your toes. That’s my life.”

5 Questions About Facebook’s Plan to Rate Media by ‘Trustworthiness’

“Mark Zuckerberg announced Friday that Facebook will begin surveying users about which news sources they trust, in an effort to rank publications on ‘trustworthiness.’ This rating will help determine media companies’ placement in the News Feed, thereby materially changing the traffic that their stories receive.” Needless to say, some have raised questions and concerns.

Calculating a Car Crash (Video)

This video helpfully (and alarmingly) shows why you should probably stick to the speed limits.

Hipsters of the Holy

You know, the tragedy of churches like this is that they always think they are doing something original rather than something that has been attempted and failed a million times over. The latest example of this is in my hometown, Toronto.

The Problem of Crippling Shyness and How The Church Can Help

Stephen Kneale writes, “Morrissey famously sang, ‘shyness is nice, and shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you’d like to’. Less famously, my Dad once opined that whilst ‘confidence is a good trait; shyness never did anything for anyone’. I think I probably agree with both sentiments, more or less.”

Inside Amazon’s Surveillance

This guy went in trying to shoplift something from the new AmazonGo stores, and found it really isn’t that easy. Is this the future of shopping?

Confused by All the Attacks on the Bible?

“When it comes to the truth of the Bible, our world has found plenty of reasons to reject it. We are bombarded with a dizzying variety of objections. So much so, that the average believer is quickly overwhelmed. It’s a bit like being in a fight with multiple opponents at the same time.” Michael Kruger quickly and helpfully breaks them down.

Flashback: Greater Age Brings Greater Responsibility

Here we have five responsibilities that come to us by virtue of aging—the responsibilities of maturity, involvement, example, mentoring, and watchfulness.

Legalistic remorse says, “I broke God’s rules,” while real repentance says, “I broke God’s heart.” — Tim Keller