A La Carte (January 8)


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6 Ways to Look Godly While Not Growing – Here are six ways you might maintain an appearance of godliness even though you’re not growing in your faith.

Is Recreational Marijuana Use a Sin? – Here is Joe Carter doing what he does so well: “Although many Christians consider the answer to the question to be rather straightforward, it can be helpful to examine the reasoning process that allows us to determine how biblical principles can be applied to this issue.”

Planning Your Ideal Week – Mike Anderson has a short but helpful post on planning your ideal week.

The Pastor as Theologian – Here’s a free ebook from Al Mohler. “Every pastor is called to be a theologian. This may come as a surprise to some pastors, who see theology as an academic discipline taken during seminary rather than as an ongoing and central part of the pastoral calling. Nevertheless, the health of the church depends upon its pastors functioning as faithful theologians — teaching, preaching, defending and applying the great doctrines of the faith.”

The Ten Commandments of Twitter – Kevin DeYoung helps you navigate Twitter.

To be a follower of Jesus, you must renounce comfort as the ultimate value of your life. —Mike Ayers