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A La Carte (July 1)


Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians. I hope and trust you enjoy your holiday while celebrating the country God has called us to serve.

Today’s Kindle deals include a pretty good list of women’s titles from Crossway.

(Yesterday on the blog: A Canada Day Family Update)

Hard to Offend, Easy to Please

Hard to offend and easy to please–that’s a good way to live. “Cynicism. It’s now in the air we breathe, the thoughts we indulge, the words we whisper, the comments we post. Is this really avoidable, though?”

Find the Way Home (Video)

I thoroughly enjoy videos like this one from the John 10:10 Project. “Of all the epic animal migrations on earth, the sea turtle’s odyssey is one of the most remarkable. After hatching, baby sea turtles instinctively race to the sea where they float, swim, and grow for many years. Then, after reaching maturity, each uses a sophisticated navigational system embedded in its brain to chart the precise course back to the exact beach where it was born. There, the turtles lay their eggs and ensure future generations of their species.”

The Word of God in the Quiet Voice

“Most of us would love to have a clear, personal experience of God. Wouldn’t it be great to see a vision, or be visited by an angel, or to have some miracle happen in front of us? We’d all like the spectacular things we see sometimes in the Bible to happen to us. There are streams of Christianity that actively aim for these kinds of experiences, trying to find some special feeling of God and powerful demonstration of his power.”

10 Reasons to Read the Bible Aloud in Church

Here are 10 solid reasons to prioritize reading the Bible aloud during church services.

Is the Devil Really in the Details?

“‘The devil is in the details.’ I’ve often seen the validity of that phrase in politics. It makes perfect sense when reading the small print at the bottom of a contract, or if one is faced with a major decision and sometimes even in relationships.” But is the devil really in the details?

The Turning Tide of Intellectual Atheism

This is a very interesting look at the turning tide of intellectual atheism. “Not so long ago, the atheists who retreated to their Darwinian towers and bricked themselves up to fire arrows at the faithful wanted to be there. Their intellectual silos were a refuge from faith because they didn’t want Christianity to be true. They hated it and thought we’d be better off without it…”

Did Jesus Say He’d Return within His Disciples’ Lifetimes?

Craig Blomberg answers the question on behalf of TGC.

Flashback: Does Your Church Truly Care for True Widows?

Today, God still provides for his needy people, and does so particularly through his church. God is spiritually present in this world through his Spirit, but he’s physically present through his church.

The Bible makes it clear that we live in a world with endless threats. In this world getting rid of all of your worries is not an option. Instead the Lord counters your fear with comfort.

—Ed Welch

  • Lets Hear It For the Second Parents

    Let’s Hear It For the Second Parents

    While today we tend to associate step-parents with divorce, in previous centuries they were almost exclusively associated with death and with either widow- or widowerhood. In an era in which lifespans were shorter and, therefore, a greater number of parents died while their children were still young, there was a distinct and honored role for…

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  • The Glorious End without the Difficult Means

    The Glorious End without the Difficult Means

    Just as Olympic athletes cannot realistically expect to win a gold medal unless they strictly discipline themselves toward victory, Christians cannot hope to prevail in the Christian life unless they take a serious, disciplined approach to it. Yet lurking in the background is always the temptation to hope that we can have the result of…

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    Weekend A La Carte (June 15)

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  • Making Good Return

    Making Good Return

    I don’t think I am overstating the matter when I say that this has the potential to be one of the most important books you will read. It’s a book that may shape years of your life and transform the way you carry out one of the key roles God assigns to you…

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