A La Carte (July 13)

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If your children are in Canadian, and especially Ontario public schools, you may be interested in reading My Child, My Chance.

The Selfishness Behind Environmentalists’ Call for Fewer Children

“Selfishness is much more palatable when you can cast as concern, but strip away the faux outrage and it’s always there under the surface. That is illustrated once again by the reaction to a recent study that argues the best way to fight climate change is by having fewer children.”

Eugene Peterson, Homosexuality, and God’s Saving Grace

There are lots of reactions to Eugene Peterson’s recent interview. Here’s one from CBMW. “Jonathan Merritt recently interviewed Eugene Peterson about his views on homosexuality and same-sex marriage (SSM). The interview is short and to the point, and it is alarming, disheartening, and altogether sad.”

How Can a Young Child Be Saved? (Video)

Dr. Jarvis Williams answers the question in this video from Southern Seminary.

Remembering C.H. Spurgeon’s Success And Spirituality

Lots of people have tried to account for Spurgeon’s success. But according to Michael Haykin, “Spurgeon himself looked to quite a different source for the blessings that attended his ministry.”

There is a Better Way to Experience Sexuality

Teen Vogue has published a “how to” guide for anal sex for its young audience. Melissa responds: “We have to teach our kids that one of the greatest gifts of God is the intimacy between a man and a woman who have committed themselves to loving every inch of each other’s heart and soul. We have to teach them that great sex is safe sex, in the arms of the person who has vowed to hold us up when we need it, who has promised that no illness or accident, no outside interest, no schemes of this world will separate us. We have to show them what it looks like to be in love.”

Entertainment and Worship

“Entertainment is a good thing, but its purpose is the refreshment of the mind and body, not the transformation of the mind or the edification of the spirit. The danger of entertainment in worship is not about which musical instruments are permitted or what era of hymns the church should sing. The danger is found in what the church is aiming at. Entertainment has a different aim than worship. Entertainment is something offered to people for their amusement. Yet worship has a different focus and produces a different result.”

Flashback: 12 Marks of Excellent Pastoral Ministry

What are the marks of an excellent minister? MacArthur reveals twelve of them.

Let nothing be said about anyone unless it passes through the three sieves: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? —Amy Carmichael