A La Carte (July 13)


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5 Ways Mission Agencies Stretch the Truth – “I read a lot of e-mails and newsletters from mission agencies, and I get to see how many of them use statistics to recruit staff, missionaries, and donors. Sadly, in my experience, many exaggerate the truth and undermine the good work God does in the world.”

Sex Has Become Pervasive and Tedious – I quite agree with the major point of this article: That it’s time to end the cultural and media obsession with sex and sexuality.

An Eternal Perspective Changes Everything – Truly, it does. Randy Alcorn says, “Having an eternal perspective is in many ways the key to living a true Christ-following life.”

The Dog Days of Summer – Why do we refer to these as the “dog days” of summer? National Geographic explains.

Why I Love the Church – John MacArthur explains why he loves the church so much.

Why a Greece Bailout Matters – You’ve heard a lot about Greece in the news recently. Here is why the little economy of a little nation has such importance.

I cannot have God in my heart if he is not in my head. Before I can believe in, I must believe that. —R.C. Sproul