A La Carte (July 14)

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today.

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This article celebrates the unheralded caretakers who mean so much to us. “They are in the nursery. In the classroom. While we work and worship, they care for our children in back rooms and church basements, sharing the love of Jesus with those in their care. We gather in our sanctuaries and our auditoriums, watching the people onstage as they lead and teach us, grateful for their gifts. Then we pick up our children from Sunday School and go home.”

Slot Machine Christianity

Mike Emlet compares the way we can think about Christianity with using a slot machine. “Too often we approach the Christian life, relationships, and ministry with similar expectations. We assume that if we put in enough time, effort, and faithful service—enough quarters in the slot—in the end it will turn out well for us. The payoff will come—and even in this life. But surely, we don’t think that way, do we?”

The Incredible Logistics of the Tokyo Olympics (Video)

This video lays out some of the amazing logistical challenges involved with hosting the Olympics.

Do God and Satan Still Speak Together about Believers?

Do God and Satan still converse together about believers are they did about Job? Wes Bredenhof says no and explains why.

Discerning Temperaments

Nick Batzig: “We love the idea of diversity, until it cuts across our own idea of personal uniformity. I have been thinking often of the diversity of personalities represented in the church, and how that diversity plays into the heated conversations that we have online. We often fail to adequately understand why someone might be more vocal that we wish them to be, or more quiet than we would be.”

What is Worldliness? (Video)

Derek Thomas answers briefly in this video.

Good Works Are Less Complicated Than You Think

Indeed, they are.

Flashback: The Narrowest Religion in the World

The way to salvation is so broad that it can admit every person who seeks for God, yet so narrow that they can enter only through Jesus Christ.

Leave not off reading the Bible till you find your hearts warmed. Read the word, not only as a history, but labor to be affected with it. Let it not only inform you, but inflame you. —Thomas Watson