A La Carte (July 20)

May the God of love and peace be with you today.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Scepters, Crowns, Thrones)

The Illusion of Porn “Literacy”

Samuel James: “Contemporary progressivism faces a pressing dilemma. It must continue the sexual revolution’s legacy of free love and sex-positivity, but it must do so in a Pornhub age, in which maximal sexual liberty has produced not an egalitarian paradise but a brutal human marketplace. For elite liberals, pornography has always been the badge of liberation that wouldn’t stay pinned on quite right.”

The Making of Biblical Womanhood

I have seen a few mentions of Beth Allison Barr’s book The Making of Biblical Womanhood, so appreciated Kevin DeYoung’s thorough review of it. “This review article poses two key questions, both of which point to significant weaknesses in Barr’s argument. First, does Barr, as a historian, deal fairly and accurately with the proponents of ‘biblical womanhood’? Second, does Barr, as a historian, deal fairly and accurately with the historical evidence she cites in opposition to ‘biblical womanhood’? Specific examples of historical half-truths reveal a more comprehensive problem with Barr’s methodology, which reflects a “heads I win, tails you lose” approach to history.”

Seem or Be?

It’s a great question, this, and one I’ve thought about often. “Do you want to seem holy? Or be holy?” Too many of us settle for the “seem.”

What is a “Gospel” Anyway?

Michael Kruger asks one of those questions we probably haven’t thought about very often: What is a “gospel” anyway? “When it comes to reading (and interpreting ) the Gospels, one of the fundamental questions pertains to the kind of document we are reading. What exactly is a “Gospel”? And did the earliest readers of these books know what they were reading?”

How Much More: Marveling at God’s Care for His People

Sharon Rockwell helps us marvel at a part of God’s creation.

Individualism Goes Deep

It sure does! “We live in an age of individuals. Which doesn’t sound like it’s saying very much because we can’t imagine anything else. For all the philosophers and critics say we are ‘expressive individualists’, we might not believe it fully. You’re not so self-centred that you only act for yourself, after all? But we’re so inculcated by the cultural waters in which we swim we think from our selves outward. Let me show you what I mean.”

Flashback: White Fragility and Getting White People To Talk About Racism

Why is a white woman leading the conversation about racism and racial inequality? If white people are so biased and so blinded by our whiteness (as she herself teaches), how can we trust her to properly understand the problem and prescribe the right solution?

His will is not merely that you be free from sin; He wants to conform you to the image of His Son. —Erwin Lutzer