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A La Carte (July 27)


I had a wonderful time in Scotland, both shooting video for the EPIC series and getting in a little bit of vacation with my family. We returned home a couple of days ago and are now focused on the next thing–getting my son off to college!

(Yesterday on the blog: The Joel Osteen Sermon that Changed Oprah’s Life)

Don’t Argue Like Those Who Have No Hope

“For my money, the problem is not just that Christians aren’t nice enough toward one another. The problem is that we seem hopelessly captive to the same news cycle, the same polarization, and the same grievances as the media moguls who stand to make a pretty penny from the coarsening of American public life. There is a continuity not only between what evangelicals and what unbelievers say, but between what captivates our attention and stokes our emotions. This is tragic.”

Ten Lessons for Growing Older

Here are ten lessons to learn now, before you grow any older.

What Kind of Sins Warrant Church Discipline? (Video)

Church discipline is crucial, but poorly understood. “A sin that merits church discipline should be at least these three things: significant, outward, and unrepentant.”

Smells Like Teen Spirit

“The better part of professing Christians in America are living in the sea of a Christian pep rally. For many, ‘going to church’ is less about worshiping the infinitely holy God who was redeemed a people for Himself by giving up His Son to the bloody death on the cross, as it is about getting a shot of motivational vitamin-B for existential significance. Rather than being called by God into His presence by the mediating work of His Son, ‘Here we are now; entertain us’ becomes the liturgical responsive call to worship. After all, the success of the church is dependent on your excitement, isn’t it?”

Love Your Church’s Young Adults

Older adults ought to consider this. “Young adults are loyal—but they are transient. There will be university and new jobs and marriages that will all take them away. Do we discount them because they’ll leave at some point? Or do we share with them love and Jesus so that, when and if they go, they are the strongest possible disciples they can be, and looking for a new church when they move is the first thing they do, not the last.”

What a Conductor Actually Does on Stage (Video)

It turns out that being a conductor involves more than just dancing around with your back to the crowd.

The Mystery Woman at the Minneapolis Bus Depot

You’ll enjoy reading this amazing story of salvation.

Flashback: No Platform High Enough

When it is platform you crave, when it is the size or the popularity of your following that you use as the measure of your success, you will inevitably and eventually find that there is no platform high enough. No success will ever perfectly fulfill your ambitions.

If I had a choice, I would still choose to remain blind…for when I die, the first face I will ever see will be the face of my blessed Saviour.

—Fanny Crosby

  • The Means and the End

    The Means and the End

    There is a crucial distinction between means and ends. Ends are the goals we have set our hearts on, while means represent the habits or disciplines through which we can realistically hope to attain those goals.

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    We Need Qualified Leadership

    A few days ago I happened upon the page of an especially mega-sized megachurch. The church is about to undergo a leadership transition from an older man to a younger one and a page on the site lays out the process through which this new pastor was chosen. I read with a morbid kind of…

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