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A La Carte (July 28)


May the Lord be with you and bless you on this fine day.

Westminster Books has the Family Worship Bible Guide on sale this week which offers a five-minute devotional on every chapter in the Bible. Then remember that 10ofThose has my two devotional books packaged up together.

It’s always a good day when CityAlight releases a new EP. And today’s just that kind of a day. You can find it at YouTube or wherever you get your music.

(Yesterday on the blog: New and Notable Christian Books for July 2023)

Gospel Irony: Prevailing in Unlikely Places

“What better symbol of Roman strength and power than the awe-inspiring Praetorian Guard. These were the Navy Seals of their day. These were the renowned Seal Team Six. So powerful were they that the Caesars feared a military coup by them at any time. Ironic, since the Praetorian Guard was established to serve as the personal protection team for the Caesars in the first place.”

Joy requires sacrifice

It is helpful to consider the way that joy requires sacrifice.

What is Theology?

Since God is the object of our knowledge, the source of our wisdom, and the fountain of our everlasting happiness, what greater endeavor could the Christian ever pursue than theology? Join Matthew Barrett for free to study the foundational elements of Christian Theology through For The Church Institute at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Spurgeon College. (Sponsored Link)

Being ready for Jesus’ return anytime

Simon van Bruchem: “Jesus calls his people to be ready for his return which will come at a time that we do not expect (Matt 24:44). Think about that. If we did know the time Jesus would return, we could just work hard in the days leading up to that date. It would be like those who cram for their exams, staying up late and hoping to peak at the right time.”

What Is God Up To?

Don’t we all wonder at times what God is up to in this world? “We are praying for something that God himself defines as good: the salvation of a loved one, the healing of someone in pain, or justice for a horrible situation. Often, prayers continue to spill out of our hearts, and yet there seems to be silence from above. What is God up to?”


“Perhaps it was the diagnosis. The abandonment. The failure. Maybe it was that one great rejection. That loss that saps color from your life, wrapping you in its invisible shroud. You smile and laugh, performing like an Oscar is on the line. But the wound eats at your heart, reminding you of its presence; demanding to be fed.”

A Light to My Path

You’ll enjoy this meditation on Scripture. “When the sun streams into my kitchen window, it cheers my soul. Everything literally seems brighter. Its brilliance however, illuminates more than just the room. Particles of dust flicker through its rays, grandchildren’s sticky handprints on the window pane bother me, and tiny bits of red dirt speckle the floor. When the light shines into my room, I see things otherwise hidden.”

Flashback: Do Not Grieve the Holy Spirit

We do well, then, to consider the magnitude of our offences against God that they could move him to such sorrow. Sins that bring disunity to the church also bring grief to the Holy Spirit.

There is no such thing as a small sin. They are all vast and stupendous, because they will all have to come under inspection in the day of judgment.

—De Witt Talmage

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