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A La Carte (July 31)


Today’s Kindle deals include a really random collection of bits and pieces.

(Yesterday on the blog: How God Speaks To Us Today)

Ries Jansen — A War Criminal Converted

You may enjoy this story of a Dutch believer. “Wife, family, look back once more. Look at me. See how calm I am. Remember this. Listen! My hope is in the Lord Jesus. He is my all. I go with him tomorrow morning to the place I will be executed. There he will receive me into his everlasting arms. Farewell wife, farewell family, look to Jesus. Until we meet…at home!”

Preacher: Are Your Sermons Bananas For Jesus?

Keith Green was a big part of my childhood. Anyone else remember the Catholic Chronicles pamphlets he wrote critiquing Catholicism? “Fervency, of the type that Green sang, and of the types the churches I then frequented, never empowered long term change. Indeed it often led to a ‘rend your garments and not your hearts’ attitude. And it wasn’t simply that Green had no theological depth or no calls in the light of grace in his songs – he did.”

The Book of Revelation Is Not About the Rapture

“Every time something big happens in the news, especially if it involves the Middle East, it seems a new set of books, reinterpreting the book of Revelation, is published. It is, therefore, no surprise when the reader begins to get the impression that the book of Revelation is a very dark, mysterious book that is difficult, if not downright impossible, to understand.”

Whispering This Constantly – the First “Grace”

Kimberly Wagner: “When people tell me how crazy it is, how it makes no sense … I agree to a point. It does feel crazy, and it sure wouldn’t be how I would’ve done things. It seems to make no sense to pull a man out of public ministry in his prime … to cripple and remove a man who has devoted his life to sharing the gospel, who is characterized by faithfulness, kindness, and self-sacrifice, who has powerfully delivered the Word (since he was thirteen years old). None of that makes sense. Until I remind myself of what I know to be true.”

Cruciform Fiction Launches with Three Titles

These first novellas from Cruciform Press feature an abridged “Forgotten Classic” from Dickens, a biblically faithful heaven-tourism story, and a YA book involving time travel and Leonardo daVinci.

The Panic over Facebook’s Stock is Absurd. It’s Simply Too Big to Fail

Yes, Facebook is struggling in some ways, but they are a long way from failing. “Imagine running a business that generated $13.2bn in revenue in one quarter – a 42% increase over the same quarter a year before. And imagine that it reported a 31% jump in profits over the same quarter last year. Now watch as many allegedly smart people dump your stock because they think the future of your company looks bleak.”

Danger: Doing ‘Jesusy’ Stuff Without Knowing Jesus

Jared Wilson: “There is the difficult truth to sort out in the midst of hard work: it is not our hard works that save, but Jesus’ hard work. It is apparently possible to do a whole bunch of stuff ‘in Jesus’ name’ that has no real connection to him whatsoever.”

The Imperfections of Perfectionism

This is a very helpful look at the dangers of perfectionism. “The victorious life movement teaches that at salvation we do not receive all, but that we need to wait until the second blessing or wait for some later time of empowerment in order to live fully the Christian life. Further, perfectionism promotes a deficient view of what Christ accomplished on the cross. In the victorious life teaching, Christ’s death is looked upon as merely saving us from the guilt of sin; the salvation from the corruption of sin comes later.”

Flashback: Sponsors, Affiliates, and Patrons: How I Do What I Do

I love what I do and am thankful that I get to do it. Whether you support this work as a patron, by taking advantage of affiliate links, by reading the sponsored posts, or simply by visiting, do know that I am deeply grateful.

There is more mercy in Christ than sin in us.

—Richard Sibbes

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