A La Carte (July 31)

I know I had said I hoped to have my White Fragility review finalized by today, but sadly I’m going to have to bounce it to next week (for which you have my apologies). Life has become very topsy-turvy for reasons that will become obvious next week.

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Those who keep an eye on Kindle deals will find just a couple today. We’ll hope for better tomorrow as we kick off a new month.

Calvin and That Awfully Divisive Person in Your Church

Ian Clary: “In Reformed circles, we pride theological orthodoxy and are quick to blow Knox’s proverbial trumpet at the slightest theological (or political!) provocation. Heresy is, rightly, seen as disastrous for the soul, but we forget that in the early church schism was as bad as heresy. To be a schismatic was akin to being an Arian.”

The Uncertain Future of Post-Pandemic Starbucks

Starbucks has had its ups and downs over the years, but the pandemic represents what is probably its biggest challenge. You don’t have to appreciate the company or its product to be interested in this analysis.

Rosaria Butterfield on Hospitality in COVID-19

In this episode of the MinistryNetwork Podcast (available in video and audio formats), Rosaria Butterfield speaks about COVID-19, hospitality, church ministry in the pandemic, the sovereignty of God over sickness, and growing spiritually during global crises. In previous episodes, you’ll hear other captivating interviews with Rosaria Butterfield (audio, video) and Paul Washer on missional conviction (audio, video). And subscribe to be notified of new episodes featuring Alistair Begg, Rachael Denhollander, and others. (Want to learn more about MinistryNetwork? Visit our site.)

Overwhelming Majority of Evangelicals Support Women Preachers

A new study shows that a great majority of evangelicals support women preachers. CBMW comments.

Which Door Will The Ball Hit? (Video)

This is kind of neat—something you may enjoy watching with the kids.

The Beautiful Inconvenience of Ministry

Joel Hart writes about the beautiful inconvenience of ministry, perhaps especially right now.

When To Use The Original Languages

I really appreciated this look at when to use the original languages and agree with the author that it’s usually best not to. “The point of this series is to argue that, unless you are currently engaged in an academic discussion, it is probably best to leave the original languages out of it. In non-academic settings the use of Greek and Hebrew is either wrong-headed or counter-productive.”

Trust Your Sixth Sense

“I’ve heard several self-defense experts through the years suggest that people trust their ‘sixth sense.’ If a situation doesn’t feel right, even if you can’t put your finger on the reason why, it is often best just to remove yourself from the situation.” Here’s an argument that Christians should heed that spiritual sixth sense, at least enough to investigate it according to the Word.

Flashback: How to Create a Reading Culture in Your Church

On a trip to Scotland, I held an Ask Me Anything event at FM Bookstore and Cafe in Edinburgh. One of the questions I was asked was “how do you create a reading culture in your church?” Here is my answer.

Men may die like lambs, and yet have their place with the goats. —Matthew Henry