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A La Carte (July 6)


May the Lord be with you and bless you today.

Just a reminder that I’m posting only A La Carte this week. The usual articles will return next week.

Today’s Kindle deals include a C.S. Lewis classic.

How a Steadfast Heart Guards You in Crisis

“On a morning run last summer, after a major thunderstorm swept through, the path was sprinkled with leaves and branches scattered from the intense winds. As I passed by homes, I did a double take when a thick poplar lay across the yard, blocking the front door. The tree looked thick and strong, yet there it was, snapped like a toothpick.”

Here’s Why You CAN Trust the Bible (Video)

Grek Koukl explains why you truly can trust the Bible.

Enter to Win The R.C. Sproul Signature Classics

Ligonier Ministries has recently released The R.C. Sproul Signature Classics, featuring several of Dr. Sproul’s most influential books in an attractive six-volume collection. This summer, Ligonier is giving away 100 free copies of this book collection. Enter the giveaway today for the opportunity to add this resource to your personal library. (Sponsored Link)

CPM: The Christian Productivity Movement

David Kaywood has an interesting article on what he calls “The Christian Productivity Movement.”

How to Graciously Say No

Related to the subject of productivity, Reagan Rose offers some help on saying “no.”

Citizens of the Kingdom; Aliens in the World

Jim Elliff has a timely reminder that, because we are citizens of the kingdom, we are aliens in this world.

The Importance of Corporate Prayer

I enjoyed this brief article by Michael Haykin.

Flashback: The Joy of Walking with God

No Christian will come to the grave regretting that he has prayed too much, been too holy, or walked with God too closely.

When I consider my best duties, I sink, I die, I despair; but when I think of Christ, I have enough; he is all and in all.

—Simeon Ashe

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    A La Carte (May 15)

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    A La Carte (May 14)

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  • Parents Need to Act Now

    This week the blog is sponsored by Harvest USA. Today, more than ever, parents need to take a proactive approach in preparing their children for a world bombarding them with false messages about sex, gender, and identity. If parents abdicate their God-given responsibility to equip and train their children with a biblical foundation for understanding…

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    A La Carte (May 13)

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  • God Sets the Terms and Conditions

    God Sets the Terms and Conditions

    God initiates his grace in our lives by his Holy Spirit and invites us to cooperate with it as we grow in our relationship with him. But what is that grace meant to accomplish in our lives? And how do we sustain a relationship with a Being we cannot see and with whom we cannot…