A La Carte (July 7)


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Forsaken Faith – Randy Alcorn provides thoughts on why an astounding number of college students are abandoning their faith in Christ. (I think a foundational and often-overlooked key is that a lot of students are not rejecting the true and deep faith of their parents, but their parents’ nominal faith.)

Deconstructing the Perfect Burger – It turns out I’ve been grilling my burgers all wrong.

Bound to  Work – Here is why you shouldn’t attempt to bind Satan (and especially when you pray).

When the Transgender Issue Comes Home – Josh Bishop has a really helpful article on what to do when the transgender issue comes home.

The Handcrafted GospelChristianity Today wants you to meet the craftsmen reclaiming the honor of manual labor.

4 Things That Don’t Happen – A comic from Adam4D.

When we stare into the spotlight of success, sin sits comfortably in the front row cheering us on. —D.A. Horton