A La Carte (June 13)

Good morning from … Canada at last. I’m back home after making the overnight journey from São Paulo. As always, it’s good to be home.

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(Yesterday on the blog: At the Center of All Things)

The Sick Love of Controversy

This is a helpful episode of Ask Pastor John in which he addresses those who have a love of controversy.

The Assignment I Wasn’t Expecting

Andrea Sanborn explains and celebrates the assignment she was not expecting.

Where Does Leadership Begin?
Why do some leaders stay the course and grow in wisdom while others fall into abuse, deception, and immorality? Learn how the fear of the Lord establishes the only foundation for godly leadership. (Sponsored Link)
Who Was Robert Jermain Thomas?

This account of the life and martyrdom of Robert Jermain Thomas is well told.

Southern Baptists Are Both Missional and Confessional: A Response to Rick Warren

“Baptists today should be quick to point out the irony of Bible-only-ism, but in some quarters, the opposite has been the case. The myth of Baptist anticreedalism has recently been resuscitated by Rick Warren, who implores fellow Southern Baptists to ‘return to the original Baptist Vision of unity through a mission, not a confession.’ According to Warren, ‘That would heal the SBC.’” (See also: Have Southern Baptists Ever Been More Divided?)

Your Church May Be More Diverse Than You Think

I appreciate this take on diversity in the local church.

What We Regard as Little

“Do you know that feeling when you get to the other side of a crisis and once you finish basking in the way everything held together, you wonder what it will take to recover your tight-fisted grip on the faithfulness of God that sustained you through your trial? It’s an odd mashup of realizations and recalibrations. It’s one part relief that the trial is over, one part loosening your death grip on what it took to survive.”

Flashback: It’s Not a Blind Faith

Will I trust God even when the way is unclear and even when I do not understand? Will I joyfully submit to God’s will, knowing and trusting that he is good?

We must never cease to pray for our children until they cease to breathe. No case is hopeless while Jesus lives. —Charles Spurgeon