A La Carte (June 20)

I managed to scrape together a small collection of Kindle deals you can browse through.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Peril on Both Sides)


Read this one. Seriously, just read it.

The Normcore Opulence of Preachers Wearing Four-Figure Sneakers

That Instagram account Preachersnsneakers continues to make waves, this time hitting the New Yorker. They say the account, “which is run pseudonymously by an observant Christian who lives in Texas, blew up by probing the sensitive area where the values of the prosperity gospel and the Protestant work ethic intersect with both Thorstein Veblen’s theory of conspicuous consumption and Tinker Hatfield’s design work at Nike.”

Sleep Well for God is Awake

This was a timely reminder the morning after I spent the night tossing and turning and having weird “worry dreams.”

Do Not Miss the Wisdom of Ecclesiastes – It is helpful every day

Kevin Carson: “Essentially, the Book explains how a Christian must respond in a world where a) God is sovereign and b) the world suffers under great depravity. Different than the hedonist view mentioned above, the Book is not about a meaningless life that God allows us to enjoy in spite of its meaninglessness. Instead, the Book describes life’s purpose under God as well as provides guidance along the path.”

Evangelical Evolution?

Richard Phillips assesses “evangelical evolution.” “Given what World Magazine once called a ‘major, well-funded push’ to promote the acceptance of evolution among evangelical Christians, the case must be persuasively made against the compatibility of evolution and the Bible. In answer to a pro-evolutionary stance, I am one of those Bible teachers who believe that the implications of evolution involve sweeping changes to the Christian faith and life.”

How To Set Up Your Desk (Video)

Here is some expert guidance on setting up your desk in the right way.

The Whole Sin of the Half-Distracted Mind

This article presents a necessary challenge. “The question you need to ask yourself is am I really willing to continue to trade the sweetness of sustained fellowship with the Lord, a powerful prayer life, and an eternal impact, for the passing pleasures of the perpetually distracted mind? Will it be entertainment or eternity? And at the end of the day, it’s really not an option, is it? It’s a matter of loving the Lord as I am required by the chief commandment—with all of me.”

Flashback: The Greatest Treasure of Church History

Museums, libraries, and archives house some of the historical treasures of the Christian faith. But these churches house the true jewels, the ones that will endure for all the ages and far beyond.

In seeker-oriented worship, we direct a steady diet of ‘how to’ at people who have yet to receive a heart full of ‘want to’. —Jared Wilson