A La Carte (June 20)

Good morning and happy Monday!

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It’s Monday which means there is a new batch of Kindle deals from Crossway; you’ll also find the complete Narnia series at a massive discount.

(Yesterday on the blog: A Lover of the Lord Lives There!)

Did Paul Ever See Jesus During Our Lord’s Earthly Ministry?

How interesting! “Although most New Testament scholars simply assume that Paul had never seen Jesus prior to Paul’s Damascus Road experience, Stanley Porter raises the fascinating possibility that Paul and Jesus had indeed crossed paths before Paul’s conversion.”

Come, He Needs Nothing From You

I really appreciate this reminder that God doesn’t need anything from us.

Productivity Without Burnout

How does a productive pastor keep himself from burning out? Here are some lessons from John Gill, most of which apply to more than just pastors.

Nine Reasons People Aren’t Singing in Worship

It’s probably worth considering if any of these apply to your church.

How should a believer respond to false accusations?

“Recently, believers have made much of high profile Christian leaders falling into sin. Articles have been written, comments have been tweeted, sound-bytes have been reported upon. Most of these have rightfully focused on the devastating impact on the victims and the harm caused to the church at large. But at the same time we need to also remember that there is another type of victim as well.”

You can’t call your leaders to be accountable and side-step it yourself

“But for all the talk of leaders being unwilling to be held accountable – and certainly such leaders exist – this is hardly an issue unique to pastors and elders. An unwillingness to be held accountable seems to be a hallmark of many church members too.”

Flashback: Are You Content To Carry the Pins?

They had a lesser calling but still a noble calling. God expected they would embrace it wholeheartedly and carry it out skillfully.

We make a grave mistake when we let ourselves think that ill temper is merely a trifling weakness. It is a disfiguring blemish. —J.R. Miller