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A La Carte (June 21)

A La Carte Collection cover image

Joel Beeke and Paul Smalley have just released the fourth and final volume of their mammoth Reformed Systematic Theology—”a comprehensive yet accessible systematic theology of the Reformed Christian faith that ministers to the whole person―head, heart, and hands.” Westminster Books is offering the whole set at a 50% discount—literally half of Amazon’s price.

Logos is having a Blue Friday sale that begins at noon EST. It includes flash sales, doorbusters, and so on. Check the link at noon!

I added some Kindle deals yesterday that included Paul Tripp’s Suffering: Gospel Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense. I’ll check again this morning!

Making Tea and Holding Hands for the Sake of the Gospel

“If I may say this bluntly: too often, those willing to venture to far-off, difficult lands do not want to ‘settle’ for supporting roles. Their decision to go to a ‘dangerous’ location hasn’t been made lightly, so they want their work to count. After all, they’re willing to suffer for the name of Christ! This is commendable. But it’s also commendable to go to such a place and hold up the hands of those serving on the front-lines, even when their hands are shaking and knees are knocking.”

When Christian Groups Subvert Religious Liberty of Christians

Joe Carter covers the concerning outcome of a case in Italy (of a church I know and appreciate a great deal). He insists that the church in the U.S. needs to learn from it. In short, “the Italian Supreme Court’s harassment of an evangelical church serves as a stark reminder that the ongoing threats to religious liberty often come from those who identify as Christians.”

How Busy Should I Be?

Kyle Grant: “Responsible people are busy. People with families are busy. Families who are involved in church and the lives of others are busy. But just how busy should we be? If you haven’t wrestled with this question, you should. I hope here to provide some healthy conditioning as we all wrestle with this question.”

A Backwards Birth Into Heaven

Susan Tyner recently sat with her father as he passed away and offers a moving reflection on it. “As I think back on that bedside death scene, I realize how much it was not a death, but a birth. A backwards birth into heaven.”

5 Ways People Worship Themselves

We speak a lot about the presence and dangers of idolatry, but perhaps don’t always consider the degree to which we worship ourselves. Le Ann Trees writes about five of them here.

A Puritan Woman’s “Deconstruction”

Simonetta Carr tells of a Puritan woman who went through a kind of “deconstruction” process with her faith. She also tells how that woman emerged with her faith not ruined, but intact and strengthened.

Flashback: Royalty in Disguise

Even though their homes are tiny and unadorned, and even though they wear no crowns and own no robes, they are most truly princes and princesses who simply await their full inheritance.

As we sow we reap. Let us expect our children to know the Lord. Let us from the beginning mingle the name of Jesus with their ABC.

—Charles Spurgeon

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    Trusting God in the Uncertainties of Life

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