A La Carte (June 8)


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The Faith of the Wright Brothers – David McCullough’s excellent new biography of the Wright brothers left open the matter of their faith. David Roach investigates the historical record.

Marks of Orthodoxy? – “The words ‘orthodox’ and ‘orthodoxy’ are grown-up words. … Sometimes they are wrongly used to set apart those who are orthodox in their doctrinal views from others who are orthodox in their doctrinal views.”

Three Neglected Aspects of Bible Study – Here are 3 areas of Bible study you may be neglecting. Each one is quite simply remedied.

Gay Marriage Is Not About Gay Marriage – This is a very helpful article from David Murray. Be sure to read to the end where you will hear about the great value of a good conscience.

Eternity Set in Our Hearts – Randy Alcorn talks about the constant yearning of the human heart.

How Should Christians View World History? – R.C. Sproul talks about the importance of properly understanding history.

Pray often, for prayer is a shield to the soul, a sacrifice to God, and a scourge to Satan. —John Bunyan