A La Carte (March 10)

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you today.

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Cancel Culture Is Not Speaking Truth to Power. It’s Just Speaking Power.

Samuel James: “Cancel culture does not keep people “accountable.” It does punish them. It does trigger bad consequences for them. It can make them go away and not say or do anything online anymore. But this is not accountability; it’s just erasure.”

Blessed at a Distance: some thoughts on the passing of Rev. Edward Donnelly

This is a sweet reflection on the death of a godly man. “The ministry of Ted Donnelly found its global connections before the internet. His endearment to people globally was hard-won through his investment in God’s people personally, but this wasn’t via commodifying his gifts to get personal recognition. His was no meteoric rise via social media influence, but the steady consensus among otherwise disparate gatherings of Christians that he was a man who cared about Christ and for his people.” (See also Tribute to Pastor Edward “Ted” Donnelly)

The Justifications of Polygamists

“Why does it still happen when polygamy is technically illegal in our area and when the culture itself has proverbs that speak to its danger? For something that is so foreign to us in the West (at least for now), it’s helpful to understand the justifications used by other societies for polygamy so that we can more skillfully oppose it with biblical truth.” (See also Polygamy in the Bible Is Not Prescriptive)

Just Do It

Kristin considers God’s good providence in a time of difficulty. “Through this inconvenience, I have been surprised to discover that it is good to be disrupted. For life, as we know it, to be jolted, even in diminutive ways. God wastes absolutely nothing but designs hardships for our good.”

So, You Want to be a Pastor?

Sean DeMars: “My aim in this article is not to scare young men away from ministry, but to give them a clearer vision of what a life of shepherding looks like and to challenge them to count the cost before entering it (Luke 14:28-29). The ministry of the pastor is a ministry of sacrifice, most of which is unforeseen.”

The Old Testament Is Christian Scripture

Here is a good and helpful reminder that the Old Testament, too, is Christian scripture.

Flashback: How to Be a Good Christian With Minimal Effort

You asked for a few practical tips on living the Christian life. It means a lot to me that you’d ask. I completely understand how busy you are and how it’s daunting to add this new thing into an already-packed life…So let me offer a few tips on living your new life as a follower of Christ.

Embracing the truth that God accepts us apart from good works is the precise thing that causes us to excel in good works. —Matt Perman