A La Carte (March 12)

Today’s Kindle deals include a couple of books you might want to grab for the kids.

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Amy Carmichael’s Secret to Fighting Discouragement

“Much attention is given in Christian circles to the critical role Scripture and fellowship play in sustaining ministry, and Amy affirmed the importance of both those things. But it’s her deep and abiding appreciation for beauty that enlivens her work and makes it so uplifting.”

Are You a Hoarding Church or a Healthy Church?

“The temptation as a church and as a church leader is to hoard people, especially good people, especially if you are situated in an area without a regular influx of newcomers. It is immensely costly to give away your people to other ministries and other churches. It feels painful and costly and can make something that is already fragile feel even more so.”

MA is a Warning that Mature Adults Will Take Seriously

This is important: “Growing up means recognising that a lot of things are not good or healthy for anyone to watch. So much of what is on offer trades on the power of lust and the glorification of sexual immorality.”

The Deepest Dive in Antarctica Reveals a Sea Floor Teeming With Life (Video)

This is a beautiful video.

Why Jewish Kids Don’t Have Peanut Allergies

“Why the onslaught of peanut allergies? In short; the lack of any contact with peanuts whatsoever! Reduced exposure to peanuts is one reason for the increase in allergic reactions, so it’s a vicious circle. Speaking at New York University last month, the UK’s Former Chief Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks, observed in a conversation with Professor Jonathan Haidt, that Jewish children are rarely allergic to peanuts. Why? Because the favourite kiddy snack in Israel is made with peanuts. Immunity levels to the toxins peanuts contained increased with incremental exposure to, well, peanuts!” There’s a lesson to learn here!

Opening Up Christmas Shoeboxes

This is an unconventional take on those Christmas shoeboxes we hear so much about.

Civility Isn’t Surrender

“America’s two great ideological tribes are in the midst of a … conflict. It’s the battle over civility, and all too often reason, compassion, and grace are on the losing side. On the left, aggressive social-justice activists scorn engagement and dialogue as ‘respectability politics’ and instead favor the shout-down, the boycott, and the online shame campaign. On the right, online pugilists mock more mainstream or ‘establishment’ conservatives as unwilling to do what it takes to win. They mock conservatives who refuse to make Trump-style attacks and decry Trump-style rhetoric as obsessed with ‘muh principles.'”

Flashback: What Happens to Children Who Die?

What happens to infants who die? This is an issue almost every Christian faces at some point during his pilgrimage and it is one for which there is no easy answer.

Pray not only against the power of sin, but for the power of holiness also. —William Gurnall