A La Carte (March 13)

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The Church and the Plague

I expect everyone has read and watched a lot about the symptoms and spread of COVID-19, but one issue Christians need to still consider is how it will impact our public worship. Jeremy Walker has provided some helpful counsel here. Further to this, the Government of Canada has released a helpful document on risk-informed decision-making and Mark Dever recorded a brief episode of Pastors’ Talk (Summary: “Brother, stick with the government.” Andy Crouch prepared an extensive Love in the Time of Coronavirus. Then there is this video: What Is a Pandemic?, and the sad news that Ligonier Ministries has had to cancel their annual conference for the first time in 33 years.

Don’t Just Tweet Your Proverbs

“I don’t quite understand it. Everyone knows that King Solomon was the wisest man in the Old Testament. Yet, he had the most precipitous moral freefall of all the kings.” Where did he go wrong, and how does it apply to you?

The Back Side of Preaching

Pastors, don’t neglect what Barry York refers to as “the back side of preaching.” “This back side work of the preacher does not supplant but rather supports and empowers the front side of his ministry.”

Inside the Boeing 737 MAX Scandal That Rocked Aviation (Video)

WSJ has a little video on the Boeing 737 MAX and its lethal flaws. Interestingly, so too did Bloomberg.

The Hanging Cages of St. Lambert’s Church in Münster

“If you crane your neck and look up while standing in front of St Lambert’s Church in Münster, Germany, you can make out three iron cages hanging from the church’s steeple, just above the clock face. The cages are empty, but five hundred years ago they held the mutilated, rotten corpses of three revolutionaries who led one of the most brutal Protestant revolutions in history.”

Thinking About the Sins of Our Church History Heroes

Jared Wilson takes on this common question, and does a very good job of it.

Five Ways to Lead Your Kids to Ditch the Church

I’d eventually like to say something about this study from Lifeway, but until then, here are five ways to lead your kids to ditch the church.

Flashback: Should Christians “Self Care?”

We are to care for others because care is love, care is essential to our God-given calling as humans and as Christians. Yet we cannot adequately care for others unless we care for ourselves. We rest and read and retreat so we can care more and better.

Let us not suppose that we bring anything to the Lord but the sheer disgrace of need and emptiness. —John Calvin