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A La Carte (March 2)


May the Lord bless you and keep you today.

Logos users, you’ll want to grab the free R.C. Sproul commentary that’s on offer this month (as well as some of the other discounted resources). I’m sure you’ll also want to have your say in this year’s March Matchups.

Today’s Kindle deals turned into a pretty substantial list with some good books available.

A Word on Gender and Sex

Jonathan Master: “It was once commonly understood that ‘gender’ was a socially constructed extension of the deeper and more stable reality of biological sex. Nowadays, ‘gender’ is treated as something independent of biological sex, and indeed something more fundamental and important than biological sex.”

Putin, the West, and the Myth of Progress

Trevin Wax: “In the befuddled responses to the invasion of Ukraine as well as the soaring rhetoric of Western leaders who believe freedom will prevail, we see on display the eschatology of the Enlightenment: the idea that the world, since the Age of Reason, has been moving along an upward trajectory of human development, both technological and moral, with better and freer days ahead.” (See also: 10 Seminaries from Post-Soviet States Issue a Joint Statement.)

Why People Don’t Leave Social Media

“To leave social media is not akin to uninstalling a game from your phone you find yourself wasting a lot of time on. It is closer to moving out of town and not visiting that set of friends anymore. It feels like loss, especially when the friends probably aren’t the problem, it’s the location you meet them in. Even imposing limits sounds like cutting off your nose to spite your face—it feels like becoming a social pariah for nebulous abstract goods (like hope, and sleep).”

Brighter Days Await God’s People

In times of sorrow and warfare we need to be reminded that brighter days are ahead.

How to Disagree with Your Best Friend

Lara d’Entremont tells about a precious friendship.

Are You Having a Good Day?

“I’ll bet you’ve been asked this question or a question like it in the past week. Have you ever wondered how to answer? It seems a bit superficial for a believer to base their evaluation of a day just on how circumstances have worked out so far, right?”

Flashback: What Tolkien Did So Well, What We Do So Poorly

One of the great strengths of Tolkien’s work is its grounding in history. One of the great weaknesses of the contemporary church is its detachment from its own history. Few of today’s Christians have a clear sense of how the church came to be.

Not one of us has any trouble in accepting this doctrine of God’s sovereignty as long as things go to our liking. We are perfectly satisfied to let God have His way as long as He does not cross us.

—Theodore Cuyler

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