A La Carte (March 21)


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How Real Is “Heaven Is For Real”? – I appreciated John Piper’s to this question: How real is the book Heaven Is For Real?

Job: A Champion of Faith by Grace – I really enjoyed Charlene’s poem based on the book of Job. Be sure to read it aloud! (You can read about why she wrote the poem here.)

Friend of Sinners – I think you’ll appreciate Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ thoughts on Jesus, the friend of sinners.

Your Options in Infertility – This is a really helpful article. “It’s difficult for those on the outside to understand an infertile couple’s level of suffering. But some sense of the desperation can be gauged from the efforts many make to overcome their problem: the time and money spent, and the stress and pain of fertility treatment.”

3 Ways to Recognize Bad Statistics – Ed Stetzer gives you 3 ways you can recognize bad statistics.

The Baby Hatch – This is heartbreaking. “One of China’s controversial ‘baby hatches’ has been forced to shut down, at least temporarily. The facility in the southern city of Guangzhou opened in January but has been overwhelmed with abandoned infants, forcing a suspension of services.”

Gospel and Pornography – Here is David Platt with some simple, powerful words about the gospel and pornography.

Over-value not the manner of your own worship, and over-vilify not other men’s of a different mode. —Richard Baxter