A La Carte (March 27)

One of the most jarring parts of this odd new world is going for a walk—something I do once or twice a day—and constantly weaving as everyone makes sure we’re all staying six feet apart. I’m not used to it yet, and don’t know that I ever will be. It cuts hard against my Canadian friendliness!

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Obedience to God and Love of Neighbor in the Face of a Coronavirus: A Christian’s Mandate

Dr. Mohler: “The only ground for disobedience to that authority is when the governing authorities demand an obedience that contradicts the Christian’s singular devotion to God. Most laws, however, never conflict with our worship of God. We are not in danger of bending our knees to Baal or Nebuchadnezzar when we obey the speed limit laws or pay our taxes. That same principle applies to the policies our government has initiated in response to this global pandemic.”

What South Korean Christians Want You to Know About Coronavirus

“Though South Korea hasn’t required a lockdown, most churches voluntarily had closed their doors by March 1. That decision was emotional, since South Korean churches managed to keep services going even during the Korean War, said Steve Chang, a pastor in Seoul. TGC asked if he has any advice for American churches. Here’s what he said.”

Three Crosses

Why were there three crosses instead of just one?


Read about Ferdi and about one way that all these online services have been an unexpected blessing.

Encouragement from Church History for the Chronically Ill

Church history has a lot to say about a lot of matters, including being chronically ill.

With Touch Now Toxic, How Do You Navigate the Consumer World?

“Before touch became toxic, it was how we navigated the consumer world. Touch was how you chose things, from swiping right on a Tinder date and scrolling through Netflix shows to ordering McDonald’s on the public touch screen with extra touching for extra pickles, or simply checking out of the grocery store with a card. This behaviour is likely to be majorly disrupted in whatever world comes next.”

Christians in Isolation: A Word on Temptation

Writing for TGC Africa, Wilko Olles has a word on the kinds of temptation Christians may face in this time of isolation.

Flashback: Get to Know Yourself

We think too much of ourselves, and think of ourselves too much. We overrate our importance and underestimate our depravity. Ultimately, we elevate ourselves to the place reserved for God.

Now is not the time for us to try to cohere the Christian message to a shared sensibility, to make the church fit into the surrounding cultural mold. We should keep Christianity weird. And in so doing, we just might reach our neighbors. —Elliot Clark