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A La Carte (March 30)

Today’s Kindle deals include 3 solid choices from Christian Focus.

Westminster Books has a sale on the ESV Journaling Bibles in its various editions. Meanwhile, Logos has a sale on the NIV Application Commentary.

How to Build a Healthy Accountability Group

Here’s how to build an accountability group that will actually prove helpful.

Is it Possible To Be Totally Free from Lust? (Video)

Or any other besetting sin, for that…

The Benedict Option Can’t Save Your Faith Or Family

I really appreciate Luma Simms’s take on The Benedict Option (both the book and the idea). “So for a time we found our solidarity and quasi-Benedictine community in this little corner of Christendom, but didn’t yet realize what a little corner it was. Church authority was held in high regard, but it gradually became clear that few could agree on what that meant. Everyone (inspired by genuine Christian motives, I concede) believed a countercultural lifestyle was of primary importance. This left matters of church governance to be of secondary importance at best, and through a series of events, the church and community fell apart.” (See also Wyatt Graham on The Benedict Option.)

Witchcraft Returns

When you stop believing in God, you’ll believe in anything. “In this new era of magick, it’s never been harder to spot a witch. She’s not some lonely old hag slaving away over a cauldron in the woods; she’s your perpetually perky neighbour who’s a partner at a downtown law firm and lives at Lululemon on weekends. Chances are she may not even associate her crystal collection, weekly meditation sessions and penchant for home-brewed kombucha with the ancient art of witchcraft.”

Luther at 500

There’s a new edition of Credo magazine available as a free download. Not surprisingly, the new edition covers the Reformation.

Can Christians Pray the Imprecations of Psalm 69?

“Someone may still suggest that whatever use the rest of the psalm may be to the Christian, the imprecations are foreign to us. But the New Testament contradicts this suggestion too. The imprecations themselves are quoted to explain Christian experience.”

Always Ask What They Mean by “God”

Indeed. “It is my experience that many people don’t believe in God because they have the wrong conception of God. In fact, the god that they don’t believe in, I don’t believe in either. Their conception of God is really a caricature of God. As a result, they end up rejecting a straw man.”

Flashback: Never Sorry Enough

It was the one wound that was so slow to heal. And I sometimes wondered why. Why was this one so hard to let go? Why did I still bear the weight of it, even much later on? As I thought about it and as I prayed about it, I came to see that somewhere along the way I had decided that my friend was not sorry enough.

The appearance of an angel from heaven could add nothing to the certainty of the declarations he has already put into our hands.

—John Newton

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