A La Carte (March 4)


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Don’t Be the Team that Refuses to Shower – Here, from the mission field, comes part one of a look at the plusses and minuses of short-term missions. Here are some shocking examples of how not to do it!

Legalist! – Daniel Doriani explains four different ways we use the word “legalist.” 

Governments that Criminalize Homosexuality – Russell Moore takes on this pressing question: What should Christians think of governments that criminalize homosexuality?

If the World Had 100 People – Here is a series of images that explain the world by reducing its population to 100 people.

Spiritual Schizophrenia – Paul Tripp: “I want to write today about something that I call Spiritual Schizophrenia. I can summarize it with a question: does the public persona of your faith live in harmony with the private realities of your life?” Uh oh.

Turning a New Page – The current issue of Tabletalk magazine has an interesting interview with Allan Fisher who has spent most of his life involved in publishing Christian books.

Our work is great, our time short, and our Master urgent. —Thomas Watson