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A La Carte (May 1)

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The beginning of a new month is always a good time to pause to consider this: Right now, at this very moment, God is reigning from his throne. All will be well.

Today’s Kindle deals include a lot of great books. Among them, you’ll find the excellent John Stott Bible studies as well as a lot of deals that will be valid through May. IVP has set all of its books at 50% off including series like the New Studies in Biblical Theology. (Some will not be active until around 6:30 AM EST.)

Church Shopping, Hopping, and Should It Be Stopping?

There are some good thoughts here about church shopping and hopping. “While some people are saved in a local church and then continue serving there until they are called to glory, most Christians have been on a church search before for one of three reasons: doctrine, ethical matters, or preferences.”

How I Manage My Time as a Pastor (Video)

Alistair Begg helpfully explains some of the principles he uses to manage his time.

Three Key Questions to Ask Your Mormon Friends

“I want to fairly call balls and strikes. The LDS church gets a lot right, but the most important things it gets wrong. Here are my three go-to questions that get to the heart of our most important differences.”

Remember the 4 ‘Alls’ of the Great Commission

Trevin Wax draws attention to the four “alls” of the Great Commission—a helpful way to understand and apply it.

Responding to Christianity Today’s April 2024 Gender Cover Story

CBMW has provided three article-length responses to Christianity Today’s recent cover story on gender roles in the church and home. Each is worth reading.

Gospel Audacity Today

From Dave Harvey comes a reflection on gospel audacity. Considering the example of the Apostle Paul he says, “This is so provoking for me. Because the older I get, the more I am tempted to settle. If you can relate to that, join me in answering two audacious questions.”

Flashback: Let Him Do What Seems Good To Him

It is when we trust in his character that we can trust in what he permits and in what he decrees. For his will cannot be separated from his nature, the goodness of his providence from the goodness of his character.

The great tragedy of life is not unanswered prayer, but unoffered prayer.

–F. B. Meyer

  • Fight a Dragon

    Climb a Mountain, Swim a Sea, Fight a Dragon

    It fascinates me how the most beautiful thing can also be the most offensive thing. The world knows nothing more beautiful than grace, than favor that is undeserved, unmerited, and freely granted. Yet so often the world responds to grace with spite and anger, with revulsion and unbelief.

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (May 1)

    A La Carte: On church shopping and hopping / Alistair Begg on managing time / Three key questions to ask your Mormon friends / Remember the 4 “alls” of the Great Commission / Responding to CT’s cover story / Gospel audacity / Many Kindle deals / and more.

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (April 30)

    A La Carte: Warblers and the question of gratuitous beauty / Are parents to blame for prodigals? / The freebie round-up / Scripts for healthy masculinity / 5 traits of great spiritual leaders / Why daily bread is better / and more.

  • Why Christians Should Care About Good Writing

    This week the blog is sponsored by Zondervan Reflective, and the post is written by Jared C. Wilson. “It doesn’t really matter if I can ‘dress it up;’ I just have to have the facts right.” I’ve heard some variation of that sentiment a number of times over the years, more lately while teaching my…

  • The Great Man and the Local Church

    The Great Man and the Local Church

    There is a way of telling history that focuses on the impact of the few great figures that rise up in any generation. This “great man theory” says that history can best be understood when we focus on the dominant figures of the time. History, it says, turns on the actions, decisions, obsessions, and natural…

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (April 29)

    A La Carte: The absence of opposition / Life and death are in the power of the fingers / Preaching Goliath’s sword / This piece of land / Sin wants us isolated / Foolosophy / Kindle deals / and more.