A La Carte (May 14)

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you today.

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On sale this week at Westminster Books is the excellent God’s Word for You series.

There are a couple of good books to look at in today’s Kindle deals.

The Power of the Word of God (Video)

I enjoyed this brief video of Alistair Begg explaining the power of God’s Word.

Come Home, Weary Wanderer

“As the years roll by, God’s children can slip into patterns of behavior that, mostly unbeknownst to them, lead to a place absent of the heart and mission of God. It’s subtle, like the dripping of a faucet. Little by little, their eyes veer from the path of righteousness and wholehearted devotion to Jesus. The world and its desires distract even the most faithful and committed followers. If you find yourself in a similar season, here are some thoughts to help you course correct.”

The Distinctions God Makes and Man’s Rebellious Attempt to Erase Them

This one is quite interesting—a look at the ways in which God creates distinctions but we, in our rebellion, try to erase them.

6 Questions about the Book of Job

Christopher Ash does a great job answering some good questions about the book of Job.

A Refuge for the Guilty Soul

It’s easy to glance over those Old Testament cities of refuge, but Nick Batzig explains why we shouldn’t. “One of the most wonderful Old Testament types of Jesus and His saving work is found in the account of the cities of refuge mentioned in Numbers 35 and Joshua 20.”

I Thought You Should Know

I remember Latin class well, and what I believe was the first sentence of the first textbook: “In pictura est puella nomine Cornelia.” Anyway, Kristin’s article begins in Latin class and moves from there to church…

Flashback: 8 Items for Christian Parents to Ponder

Why would you long to have children, and assign such value to them, and find so much joy in them, if, in the meantime, you give little thought to their eternal souls?

Occasional conquests of sin do not amount to a mortifying of it. —John Owen