A La Carte (May 23)


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10 Least Popular Books of the Bible – Here are the 10 least popular books of the Bible. Get to reading them!

Sing a New Song – Jamie Brown writes about how, when and why to sing a new song in your church. 

Remember Rather than Blame – “It’s not uncommon for those who grew up in the church, and who have become disenchanted with it, to blame the church they grew up in. I’ve seen it and I’ve heard it from young people around me.” I have too.

The Deepest Hole – Here’s a quick video about the deepest hole on the earth and what we’ve learned from it.

Russell Moore at HuffPo – “Since becoming the political point man a year ago for the Southern Baptist Convention, Russell Moore has more than once been interpreted as sounding a political and cultural retreat.” The Huffington Post reports.

Divine Child Abuse – Jason Helopoulos asks whether Christ’s death was divine child abuse. I especially appreciate his final point.

True religion is like the smallpox. If you get it, you give it to others and it spreads. —C.T. Studd