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A La Carte (May 24)


Westminster Books is offering 50% off when you buy ESV Pew Bibles. It’s a good time for churches to stock up!

Meanwhile 10ofthose is having a sale on gifts for graduates (and others).

There are just a couple of new Kindle deals today.

You Can’t Tear Down the Norm and Then Be Surprised by What Comes Next

Andrew Sullivan recently shared a column in which he lamented the rise of queer ideology. But, as Amy Hall shows here, he is conveniently absolving himself of blame that is actually his. “Sullivan doesn’t like where his advocacy ultimately led. He wants to quarantine his ideas inside the arbitrary boundaries he prefers, but he’s not capable of stopping others from using the same reasoning for their preferred societal changes that he used to change the definition of marriage. The reasoning behind his advocacy logically led to more extreme advocacy.”

Things I Wish I Heard in a Funeral Sermon

Renee Zou: “Several months ago, I attended a vaguely Christian funeral. It was Christian in the sense it had familiar elements of our faith: a Bible reading, a short sermon and a cross adorning the hall. Yet it was vague because I left uncomforted and unconfronted by the substantive truths of our faith. The guests came and went without hearing the gospel. Our hope of seeing the dearly deceased was not articulated beyond the ethereal mention of faith, hope and love.”

Yembiyembi People Group Receive The Bible

This video commemorates the glorious moment and celebration the YembiYembi church experienced when the Yembi Bible was delivered and dedicated. To God be the glory! Come hear from the missionaries and church pastors that were a part of this church plant. THE RADIUS CONFERENCE 2023 is June 28-29, 2023, John Macarthur, Costi Hinn, Brooks Buser, Aubrey Sequeira and others will be speaking. (Sponsored Link)

May I Never Outgrow The Walls of My Church

“We will never outgrow the local church. We desperately need it each week to nourish and strengthen our weak hands and feet. I can’t be a godly wife, mom, or a sister-in-Christ without my local church. Church isn’t just for my unbelieving neighbor or the new, immature Christian. It’s for every believer in every season of life.”

Those Who Walk in Pride

“Pride is a form of insanity because it is not based in reality.” Let Doug explain how that’s the case.

Five Reasons Why Pastors Should Share Their Pulpit

It’s the wise pastor who learns to share his pulpit. Brandon Sutton offers a list of reasons pastors should consider.

God Is Good to Bring Afflictions

“God can use many things to open our eyes and bring us to himself, including success and pleasure and beauty. But in a sin-cursed world that begins with the pain of childbirth and ends with death, it is inevitable that we will at some points in our life know what it is to suffer. And for most of us it is easier to see the goodness of God when things are going our way than when we are undergoing affliction.”

Flashback: What Jesus Does Not Pray

Jesus does not ask that we will be kept from all trials, all suffering, all sorrows. He prays simply that as we remain here, we will be held firm in the grip of God to carry out his will. For like the disciples, we have work to do.

If Jesus didn’t think he could handle life without knowing the Scripture inside and out, what makes you think you can?

—Tim Keller

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