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A La Carte (May 26)


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you today.

Westminster Books is offering discounts on the new The Biggest Story Curriculum. It looks amazing!

Stopping to Pray

“There’s a resistance natural to our flesh that keeps us from stopping and praying when we should. Have you ever wondered why it seems so instinctive to cease to pray rather than to pray without ceasing?”

Two Sexes, Created to Be Distinct

Certain things shouldn’t really have to be said. Yet here we are in 2023…

Join Costi Hinn @ TRC23 Speaking On “The One True Gospel Throughout The World”

In missions, the propagation of false gospels usually has little to do with the sincerity or the heart of the gospel messenger, and everything to do with outcomes sought. This session will speak to the true gospel and how to protect and cherish it across time and culture. (Sponsored Link)

How Did Animals Recolonize the World After the Flood?

Wes has been preaching through the biblical account of the flood, and “that led a parishioner to ask me about the redistribution of animals around the world after the Flood. For instance, how do we account for kangaroos in Australia? If they were on the Ark, how did they get to Australia after the Flood?”


Kristin tells a fun little story that offers a good lesson to learn.

The Basics — Election

If you need a primer on the doctrine of election, or could use a refresher, Kim Riddelbarger has you covered.

Find Your Way to Help the Hurting

“Recently, our family was staying with a family we love when they suffered a miscarriage. The wife had just finished her first trimester. The baby would have been number six for them, their second son, a boy they all loved deeply without meeting him. The family wept for hours.”

Flashback: Renew Your Mind

Will you allow the world to conform your mind, or will you invite God to transform your mind? To not choose is to make a choice—the world is so immersive, so powerful, and so present that unless you actively resist it, you will inevitably be conformed to it and consumed by it.

Let everything be a means to this end: the treasuring of Christ and the enjoying of his glory.

—Jared C. Wilson

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  • The Least of My Childrens Accomplishments

    The Least of My Children’s Accomplishments

    I know what it is to be a father and to take pride in the achievements of my children. I had not been a father for long when I learned that the least of my children’s accomplishments by far outshines the greatest of my own. Their smallest victory generates more delight than my largest and…

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  • Bring Your Skills to the Missions World

    This week the blog is sponsored by TWR, also known as Trans World Radio, and is called to reach the world for Christ by mass media so that lasting fruit is produced. Pete and Debbie Lee were living the American dream. The parents of two children, the Lees lived in Greensboro, North Carolina, and were…

  • How can you mumble

    How Can You Mumble?

    Some of my most meaningful moments of public worship have been in settings where I did not speak the language. I have stood with a congregation in rural Zambia as they’ve clapped and moved and praised the Lord in Bemba, a language that is utterly unknown to me. I’ve sat with a congregation in the…