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A La Carte (May 28)


Today’s Kindle deals include lots of great stuff. For the Glory is a top-tier biography; there is a MacArthur collection for a dollar; etc.

(Yesterday on the blog: Getting Older Involves a Lot of Dying)

Another One Bites the Dust

This dispatch from one of Scotland’s schemes offers wisdom on a common issue. “This is a typical story that many face working in our poorest communities. We invest our time and energy into people and then, out of nowhere, it blows up in our faces. We don’t know what to do. Do we chase them and get them back? What do we say when we see them? Do we chastise them or hug them? Do we need to move through our discipline process? When is the time to remove them from membership?”

Stop Changing Your Oil!

Edmunds wants you to stop changing your oil so often. “After interviews with oil experts, mechanics and automakers, one thing is clear: The 3,000-mile oil change is a myth that should be laid to rest. Failing to heed the service interval in your owner’s manual wastes oil and money, while compounding the environmental impact of illicit waste-oil dumping.”

Not Forgotten

Jamie Dean has a long article about dementia. “God gives all Christians simple practices to help them remember Him, and those same means can help dementia patients remember and enjoy God as well: Familiar hymns, Scripture verses, prayer, and even the physical act of taking communion can all be routes into older memories that connect people to their Christian faith. Ministries in nursing homes can foster a vital connection between an aging believer and the Church, and can also extend the gospel to those who need to hear it.”

These Are The Guys I Trust For Ministry Websites (Sponsored)

Your website is most often the first impression people have of your church, ministry, or business. What are people seeing when they visit yours? Mere Agency knows how to build sites that send the right message. They’ve done it for hundreds of organizations of all shapes and sizes (like mine) and can do it for you.

Was George Whitefield a Christian?

Jared Wilson writes about the legacy of George Whitefield, tainted as it is by one major sin. (See also Why Pastors Should Engage George Whitefield by Thomas Kidd.)

All the Ways Google Tracks You—And How to Stop It

There are so many different ways that Google tracks you. Here’s how to stop or slow it. “A lot of the data we’re going to talk about here is only visible to you, or used in a limited way to make ads more relevant to you. Ultimately, your choice is either to trust Google to use all this data responsibly, not use Google services at all, or limit on the information it can gather about you. Since the first two are basically binary, we’re going to focus on that third option.”

Waiting When God Seems Silent

Randy Alcorn: “There’s a sense in which God is never silent. He has already spoken in His Word and by becoming man and dying for us on the cross, purchasing our eternal salvation. This is speech, and speech is not silence! What we call God’s silence may actually be our inability, or in some cases (certainly not all) our unwillingness, to hear Him. Fortunately, that hearing loss for God’s children need not be permanent. And given the promise of resurrection, it certainly won’t be permanent.”

A Bird Nest in Your Hair

“Should we assume that because there’s some temptations that aren’t sinful, all temptations aren’t sinful? That doesn’t seem to me to be a warranted conclusion from the Bible. That’s because there’s different kinds of temptations. Some temptations — like those originating from the devil or the world — are external to us. But there’s also internal temptations that originate from our own hearts.”

Flashback: Timeless Cautions For Your Day-to-Day Work

You may be tempted to waste your days wishing that your life was better, but you need to acknowledge the sovereignty of God and his calling upon you to succeed and excel right where you are.

Shall a wicked master of a family think to maintain his authority over others while he rebels against the authority of God?

—Richard Baxter

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