A La Carte (May 3)

Today’s Kindle deals include most of the volumes of the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on The New Testament, which is an excellent series.

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The Most Common Reasons Pastors Fall

This is really good and shies away from the usual simple explanations of how and why pastors fall.

I Fear You Will Die and Go to Hell

Sobering: “Can I be brutally honest with you today?  If you’re a Christian who’s planning your divorce, you could be planning the biggest mistake of your life.  Why not run to God today and plead for Him to restore your marriage?  Divorce is not commanded.  Divorce is a decision.  Why not choose to keep your marriage vows and work passionately to restore your marriage for the glory of God?”

How Can You Live Without Sex?

Ed Shaw: “The pity I receive (and can feel) as a result is often overwhelming. At times the implication seems to be that I’m not quite human simply because I’ve yet to experience such a basic human right as sexual intercourse.”

Thinking? Conference Toronto

If you’re in the Toronto area and don’t have plans for Saturday, you should check out the Thinking? conference.

A New Frame of Mind

“A transformed mind is a mind that is saturated by Scripture, able to discern between right and wrong–as well as between right and nearly right. Such a mind is filled with biblical principles which always yields biblical peace and practice.”

Emerging After Hibernation (Video)

This is kind of fun: Footage of a bear struggling to wake up after hibernating. I guess we wouldn’t do much better after sleeping for months.

The Outraged Are Always Right

“t’s getting really bad out there. Americans, including very intelligent, thoughtful ones, simply cannot abide the mere presence of someone they don’t agree with.” It really is incredible to see.

What You Should Know about the Prosperity Gospel

Joe Carter rounds it up, starting with Benny Hinn’s recent trouble with the law.

Flashback: Little Jumps in Studios

The Bible holds the office of pastor higher than Prime Minister or President–and provides a long list of qualifications for anyone who would hold it. This is an age of radical egalitarianism in which we want to acknowledge no distinctions between one person and another, even if one of them represents an important office. And yet the Bible elevates this one office as the office of double honor.

It is tragic to go through our days making Christ the subject of our study but not the sustenance of our souls. —Vance Havner