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A La Carte (May 6)


Eerdmans has put a long list of books on sale and I’ve chosen at least a few for my Kindle deals page. There are some others there as well.

Westminster Books is offering a deal on David Murray’s new Bible-reading plan for kids, Meeting with Jesus.

(Yesterday on the blog: When the Very Best of Things Work Together for Evil)

How Does COVID-19 Expose the Lie of the Prosperity Gospel?

Conrad Mbewe is the one to answer this question, and he does so primarily from an African perspective. “What prosperity gospel preachers should do in the light of COVID-19 is to honestly face facts. Unlike malaria and cancer, here is a disease that is so contagious that it has forced them to go into hiding for dear life’s sake—like the rest of us.”

A Christian Marriage: What Is Not and Should Be Unique?

I appreciate this one from Brad Hambrick. “Sometimes when I hear Christians talk about marriage, it sounds a bit idealistic. Some of the ‘if you do things God’s way…’ promises feel a recipe for happily ever after. The logic seems to be that because God created marriage, Christians have a leg up on everybody else for having a satisfying marriage.” But it’s not always so simple, is it?

TikTok Passes 2 Billion Downloads

TikTok has become the app for younger folk. Here’s some of what you need to know about it.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Friendship

“Alone time, family time, and virtual friendship are wonderful gifts, but something in us rightly yearns for more. Yes, we must learn to delight more fully in the friendship of the Lord during this time. After all, Jesus is a friend (John 15:15). He is also the bread of life. However, we’d never tell a starving person to be content because ‘Jesus is the bread of life.’ Just as it is wrong to spiritualize and discount the desire for physical nourishment, so also it is wrong to spiritualize and discount the need for friendship. Jesus is our friend, but He created us to need earthly Christian fellowship too.”

Overview of the Twentieth Century

The twentieth century was a key one for the church. In this article from Tabletalk, Donald Fortson provides an overview of some of its highlight and lowlights.

The Saga of Apple’s Bad Butterfly MacBook Keyboards Is Finally Over

I’m a big fan of Apple’s products and software, but even I can’t possibly defend their awful butterfly keyboard. Thankfully, it’s now finally been relegated to the past.

Here, just for fun, is a funny little comic from xkcd.

Flashback: What Makes a Sermon Difficult To Listen To

Recently, and largely for my own purposes, I found myself thinking about some of the elements that can make a sermon difficult to listen to. Having jotted them down, I thought I’d share them with you.

Lowly gentleness is not one way Jesus occasionally acts toward others. Gentleness is who he is. It is his heart.

—Dane Ortlund

  • Our Salvation Through Christ

    This week the blog is sponsored by Moody Publishers and this post is adapted from The Kindness of God by Nate Pickowicz (© 2024). Published by Moody Publishers. Used by permission. Just like the Old Testament, the New Testament teaches that this wonderful salvation is extended to us as a kindness. Paul opens his letter…

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    A La Carte (June 18)

    A La Carte: The pursuit of (which) happiness? / Don’t hastily choose elders / The evangelistic nature of awe / What you read builds who you are / Till he was strong / A father’s threads of living faith / Logos deals / and more.

  • Lets Hear It For the Second Parents

    Let’s Hear It For the Second Parents

    While today we tend to associate step-parents with divorce, in previous centuries they were almost exclusively associated with death and with either widow- or widowerhood. In an era in which lifespans were shorter and, therefore, a greater number of parents died while their children were still young, there was a distinct and honored role for…

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    A La Carte (June 17)

    A La Carte: Honor good fathers and bad fathers alike? / Don’t give up, dad / How I respond to pride month / 5 myths about the pro-life movement / A seminar on biblical counseling / How do I know if I’m one of the elect? / Kindle deals / and more.

  • The Glorious End without the Difficult Means

    The Glorious End without the Difficult Means

    Just as Olympic athletes cannot realistically expect to win a gold medal unless they strictly discipline themselves toward victory, Christians cannot hope to prevail in the Christian life unless they take a serious, disciplined approach to it. Yet lurking in the background is always the temptation to hope that we can have the result of…

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    Weekend A La Carte (June 15)

    A La Carte: Learn to rest in God’s justice / 3 reasons why your small group is not a church / How can I be a godly father? / Gender in the void / Are images of Christ OK? / The getting of wisdom / and more.